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Five smart home benefits during the summer season

(L-R) Amazon Echo Dot & Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro

Amazon Echo and Ring devices are helping customers during the summer season to enjoy many benefits of the all-connected smart home features.

Those spending their summers in town will enjoy Alexa routines that help them stay cool and make their summer days more pleasant and worry-free. Customers who are away from home for most of the season will benefit from Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) and Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro being connected to Alexa, guaranteeing their peace of mind and newfound convenience through the impressive perks they may not have even realised they needed.

Better air circulation

To maintain optimal air circulation, customers can connect smart air conditioner controllers and air purifiers to Alexa. For those traveling, routines can be created to keep their homes fresh, preventing mold build-up due to humidity and temperature changes. Those staying home can automate their air conditioning systems to maintain comfortable temperatures in various living spaces, following the preferences of the family members who are using them.

Happy plants

Summer can be tough on indoor and outdoor plants. With smart plant watering systems connected to Alexa, customers can take care of their plants and keep them well-hydrated even during the hottest days. Setting specific watering schedules and monitoring soil moisture levels remotely will help keep greenery thriving. Additionally, adjusting watering schedules with Alexa’s routines can help conserve water and provide plants what they need based on daily weather conditions.

Hassle-free deliveries and guest visits

For those away from home for most of the season, devices like Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) and Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro, connected to Alexa, will provide peace of mind and convenience. With these devices, customers can monitor and manage package deliveries, greet guests, and even provide access to trusted visitors through smart locks. This helps in keeping people close to their homes no matter where they are.

Fun routines for nights in

Alexa offers activities to make evenings more enjoyable for those spending the summer at home. Customers can set fun routines for game and movie nights and even use Alexa to suggest activities or recipes. Smart lighting systems can be adjusted to match the mood of any activity, whether it’s a lively summer party or a quiet evening with a book. They can plan delightful evenings effortlessly and make the most of their leisure time at home. Echo Show 5 device will also allow customers to make video calls, view compatible cameras, stream music and shows, and much more.

Energy conservation

In addition to maintaining comfort, smart home automation can reduce energy consumption. By integrating smart thermostats with Alexa, customers can monitor and adjust their homes’ temperature settings more effectively. For example, they can program their air conditioners to operate at energy-saving levels during peak hours and drop to a more comfortable temperature before arriving home. This not only keeps their homes cool and helps our environment but also helps save on electricity bills.

By integrating these advanced technologies with Alexa, customers will unlock new levels of convenience, security, and enjoyment they may not have even realised they needed. Allowing Amazon Alexa, with the help of Echo and Ring, to transform their homes into highly responsive environments designed for ultimate comfort and entertainment, customers will make this summer more innovative than ever.

Amazon Prime members will be able to discover discounted offers on Ring and Echo Show devices during Amazon’s yearly Prime Day sales. This discount event will last six days this summer, beginning at 12:01 AM on July 16 and concluding on July 21. The Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) will be available at AED 209.99, while the Ring Outdoor Camera Battery will be available at AED 239.

Image Credit: Amazon and Ring

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