Google Glass available in Dubai – for Dh45,000

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 17.00.48Good news! If you’ve just been itching to get your hands on Google Glass, you can now buy the device in Dubai. The bad news? You’ll have to fork out Dh45,000 ($12,250) for it.

Google’s wearable device hasn’t been officially released, but someone in Dubai has gotten hold of it and put it up for sale on local classifieds site Dubizzle. Google sold a small number of “Explorer” versions to developers and early adopters, so presumably the seller knew someone who got one.

The advertisement says that the device is brand new, and is still in its original packaging. That said, it’s obviously been unboxed, as the seller has taken photos of it outside of the packaging. The condition is described as perfect inside and out.

Apart from that, there’s little information on the classified entry, though there are four photos showing the box and the device.

Google hasn’t said when its Glass device will eventually hit the market properly, and it’s likely the commercially available one will be much improved over this beta version. Early reviews have cited battery life as a big issue. What’s more, there are hardly any apps available for the device yet.

But that might not matter. Buyers in Dubai are infamous for paying way over the going rate to get their hands on a piece of tech before anyone else. So perhaps this device will find a buyer relatively quickly.

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