HP unveils performance suite

HP today unveiled a new suite of software to operationalise, measure and improve IT performance across the industry’s broadest set of technology investments and asset classes.

Tech executives require standardised, efficient tools that measure, benchmark and improve performance. Having a comprehensive view of this performance enables chief information officers (CIOs) to deliver an Instant-On Enterprise that embeds technology in everything it does to serve customers, employees, partners and citizens with everything they need, instantly.

Today, most key performance indicators (KPIs) for IT are collected across disparate systems using different methods. This creates management complexities that can slow responses to shifting priorities and changing market conditions.

The HP IT Performance Suite includes the new HP IT Executive Scorecard and helps IT perform better by providing CIOs insight from across the industry’s most comprehensive range of solutions to manage and optimise application development, infrastructure and operations management, security, information management, and financial planning and administration.

Each product in the HP Software portfolio improves the performance of the discrete IT functions addressed, while the IT Executive Scorecard helps technology executives optimise overall IT investments and outcomes.

The HP IT Executive Scorecard provides visibility into critical performance indicators at cascading levels of IT leadership. Its foundation is the open IT Data Model with built-in capabilities to integrate data from multiple sources, including third-party products, to deliver a single view of IT metrics. Using the scorecard, IT leaders can rapidly measure, benchmark and address performance issues on their organisations’ journey to becoming an Instant-On Enterprise.

“Every CIO needs to do two things: constantly shift resources to support changing enterprise priorities and clearly demonstrate return on IT investment,” said Tayfun Topkoc, Regional Director – Software & Solutions, HP Middle East. “The HP IT Performance Suite is the first software offering that does both, by putting the power of agility into the hands – and budgets – of IT leaders with real-time insight and optimisation of IT investments.”

The IT Performance Suite uses HP’s life cycle approach to software development and management, and integrates industry standards such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). In addition, HP research has identified 150 standard, best-in-class KPIs, more than 50 of which are included in the upcoming release of the HP IT Executive Scorecard.

Through HP’s unique cascading scorecard approach, KPIs are distributed in dashboards that provide real-time, role-based performance insights to technology leadership, allowing alignment across common goals for an entire IT organisation.

Expected to be available soon, the CIO Edition Standard is the HP IT Performance Suite’s first persona-oriented solution. It includes the Executive Scorecard along with Financial Planning and Analysis, Project and Portfolio Management, and Asset Manager modules. This edition automatically integrates data from the modules to provide more than 20 best-practice KPIs covering financial and project health, enabling the optimisation of IT performance from a business investment point of view.

“Leveraging emerging technologies to drive new business models is becoming my primary focus,” said Alexander Pasik, CIO  of the world’s largest technical professional association, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). “The traditional operational aspects of IT must be streamlined and instrumented, and thus measurable, so as to enable this increasingly necessary function. With IEEE’s planned implementation of the HP IT Performance Suite, I expect to have, for the first time, one complete view of IT’s performance using the indicators that matter most to our business.”

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