Huawei’s SinglerRAN features GSM, UMTS and LTE

“SingleRAN represents the future of mobile networks, and the core of SingleRAN is rooted in the idea of ‘One Network, Three Features (GSM/UMTS/LTE),’ said Yu Chengdong, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Huawei, during the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Spain. Huawei’s SingleRAN solution allows operators to comprehensively maximize their core assets, including sites, spectrum, users, staff and pipe line, by transforming various technical modes into SingleRAN features.

Huawei’s SingleRAN solution adopts integrated BTS (base transceiver station), BSC (base station controller), OSS (operating support system) and site solutions to drive the three radio features, including LTE, within a single network, therefore operators are able to easily choose different feature combinations on a one-for-all network according to their business. From the perspective of operators, SingleRAN can reduce the risks associated with technology selection and evolution and can simplify strategic decision making, so that operators no longer have to focus on which mobile technologies they should deploy, and when and how they should deploy them.

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