In-Genius platform promises ‘intelligent action’ on big data

Software AG on Monday unveiled a new in-memory platform for real-time insight and “intelligent action” on big data. The announcement was made at a press conference ahead of the CeBit trade show in Hanover, Germany.

The platform, named Terracotta In-Genius, is powered by BigMemory 4.0, a new in-memory technology that was also announced at the conference.

Software AG said that In-Genius will allow organisations to discover hidden insights and act on them quickly, reducing risk, automating business processes and deploying new offers, products and services in real time.

Robin Gilthorpe, CEO, Terracotta, said that new tools needed to be created in order to address the growing amounts of data that organisations find themselves with access to.

“Volumes of data are increasing by between 40 and 60 percent a year,” he said. “But IT budgets are not – you’ll see five per cent per year, maybe, if you’re in an industry that’s doing quite well. So it’s clear that new tools are needed to address big data, and it’s not going away.”

Gilthorpe said that In-Genius can effectively leverage such huge amounts of data by analysing it in real time. Users can then take real-time action, an point that Gilthorpe was keen to make clear.

“If the world is becoming more mobile, you need to be able to push the action out to where the work needs to be done. This is a first-of-its-kind platform,” he said.

He then gave three use examples, the first in the realm of a credit card firm or bank. He said that the new product could use “extreme” data processing to match patterns and establish a profile of what normal behaviour would look like. With every transaction, he said, it would be possible to analyse whether or not it is normal, and then either block it or approve it, all in real time.

“This was previously not possible,” Gilthorpe said. “If you’re just using the world of big, slow data, you get an answer, but only after the point of maximum value has passed.”

Gilthorpe also pointed toward uses in the vending machine industry, whereby the product could analyse sensors on vending machines, as well as weather and traffic conditions, and re-route supply trucks in real time, depending on where they are needed most.

The final example was to do with improving customer experience.

In-Genius will be available by autumn, Gilthorpe said, though the firm is already working on trail runs with a number of customers.

Our online editor, Tom Paye, is at the CeBit show until Wednesday afternoon. To contact him, email

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