itcan strengthens personalised e-commerce solutions

Mansour Al Thani, itcan
Mansour Al Thani, itcan

To succeed in competitive markets, itcan e-commerce performance marketing agency has revealed efforts to reinforce its personalised solutions to ensure client growth and customer satisfaction, the company said.

The move follows after B2B e-commerce companies, including itcan, have demonstrated a better understanding of the importance of personalisation and the advantages and benefits to be gained from it.

Recent studies show that personalisation is critical to a successful e-commerce site. In fact, 75 percent of today’s consumers have expressed preference over brands that personalise their messaging and offerings. In addition, 74 percent of users become frustrated when content is not relevant to them. Research also show that a personalised experience can improve conversion by almost eight percent. In line with this, customisation, alongside automation and Big Data are some of the trends expected to change the retail industry—particularly in the way consumers shop in the future.

“A large number of e-commerce solutions being offered by providers these days show less customisation options,” said Mansour Al Thani, CEO and co-founder, itcan. “Companies like itcan are now offering more personalised solutions that are catered towards customer experience, which has led to a rise in adoption by brands and customers. Customer experiences are specific not generic. Retailers can present a uniquely personalised experience just by knowing a customer’s buying habits, their leisure interests, their style and colour preferences.”

Meanwhile, the emergence of m-commerce and mobile app solutions has resulted in the development of a new channel where innovation and creativity, such as personalised push notifications, geo-location tools, chat bots and integration with social media applications serve as critical factors to reaching the target audience. Various solutions that cater to this shift from websites are continuing to be implemented.

“The future of e-commerce solutions in the UAE is going to change more than we could ever imagine. At itcan, we have taken the time to think about what will change and what it will mean for consumers and the retail industry. Knowing that personalisation is one of the key trends in the e-commerce market, our company constantly strives to offer a unique perspective to our clientele – a strong branding and performance marketing expertise,” added Mansour.

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