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Kaplan and ConnecME partner on Educational Solutions

February. 22, 2021 – New York: ConnecME Education, the leading provider of international education solutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has launched an exclusive partnership with Kaplan to offer Kaplan’s Credegree to deliver educational training and workforce solutions to upskill university students and working professionals across the region. Kaplan Credegree is designed to enhance the job readiness and marketability of university students by combining a traditional undergraduate degree program with a credential from Kaplan. This allows students to complete their degree while earning industry-recognised credentials that are highly valued by employers.

Kaplan Credegree programs are available for nearly 100 different industry-recognised credentials and across a continually expanding portfolio of career tracks, including information technology, data science, project management, cybersecurity, and healthcare. According to a 2019 Quest Research Group survey, more than 70% of respondents agreed that an in-demand industry credential combined with a traditional degree would help college students have a more well-rounded education and overall skill set. The MENA region is currently undergoing an upswing in higher education, with enrollment increasing, and more young people completing their college education. This may signal that employers in fast growing industries such as banking, finance and tech will need to meet the demand of not only college graduates to fill vacancies, but also qualified and professionally certified employees.

CEO of ConnecME Education Mohammad Shadid said “Bringing Kaplan’s extensive history and Credegree catalogue to the Middle East and North Africa Region in a new way is something we are proud and excited about. The Credegree program offers a timely and wonderful opportunity for university graduates not only to enter the market with their university degree, but also to be empowered by the professional qualification and training that Credegree offers. We look forward to this partnership and to the positive impact it will have across the region”.

“This partnership will bring to the region a new standard of qualification and help students and working professionals succeed in an ever changing and increasingly competitive job market”, said Brandon Busteed, president, University Partners and Global Head Learn-Work Innovation, Kaplan. “The idea of pairing an undergraduate degree or existing work experience with an industry-recognised credential is attractive to students, employees and hirers. To graduate both broadly educated and specifically-skilled is the ultimate goal now, worldwide”.

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