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Kaspersky acquires an equity interest in Nexway

30 December 2020: Kaspersky has acquired a stake in Nexway, a leading e-commerce and payment platform, to strengthen its position and increase opportunities for the company’s online sales channel. Nexway will remain a separate entity, managed by its current leadership team in accordance with the European rules and regulations, with Kaspersky’s Advisory Board to support with strategic guidance; thus helping the company to achieve further success in the growth of its customer base, expanding its product portfolio and improving the quality of the services provided.

The market realities of 2020 have demonstrated the importance of having an effective online sales channel that is fast in management and reliable in terms of the safety of customer data. The extended integration of the two companies will enable more effective management of the Kaspersky online sales channel and further expansion of Nexway’s growth as the leading e-commerce platform for security solutions. Nexway was advised on the transaction by the Swiss M&A firm IndexAtlas.

Despite rising competition on the market, Nexway stands out with its technologically advanced e-commerce solution that keeps businesses compliant with all local and global regulations as they operate in multiple currencies, languages and payment methods. Kaspersky and Nexway have a long and successful history of working together, and the companies have decided to start a mutually beneficial partnership – bringing together their expertise and further strengthening their businesses. Nexway has launched its Open kitchen project where it will continue demonstrating the security of users’ data via advanced data storage and processing practices, with the data only being available to vendors and not to the owner of the platform.

“As a company focused on digital sales, it’s important for us to develop and strengthen our e-commerce strategy. This is why, together with Nexway, we decided to unite our efforts and work in the direction of further developing the e-commerce platform for security solutions. The platform will continue to operate in its current form for those other security vendors which already use it to distribute their products. We hope existing and other new vendors will join us in this strive to offer the best possible deals for customers looking for a high-quality security software,” said Alexander Moiseev, Chief Business Officer, Kaspersky.

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