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Kissflow Releases Enhanced Workflow Platform for Managing Ad-Hoc and Unstructured Workflows for Hybrid Teams

Dubai, UAE, December 7, 2021: Kissflow Inc, a leading SaaS software company, has rolled out a more powerful & comprehensive version of its flagship product, Kissflow Workflow. The new enhancements will allow business users to automate and track both structured processes as well as unstructured dynamic cases using a single no-code platform.

Dinesh Varadharajan, VP of Product Management, Kissflow.

According to McKinsey, in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, the projected adoption of automation by 2030 is higher than the projected global average of 32 percent[1]. “There is a clear appetite for automation in the region as organisations with more automation have reported to see more value, higher customer satisfaction and enhanced productivity. At the same time, the higher-than-average adoption rate places pressure on all Middle East organisations to match pace. Without the right tools, they risk countless hours lost on tackling complexity with little to no positive outcome. A simple, unified platform that empowers business users to automate processes is therefore the need of the hour”, said Dinesh Varadharajan, VP of Product Management at Kissflow.

In today’s dynamic work environment, business users are constantly swamped with ad-hoc and unpredictable processes & tasks, and the number of these processes continues to grow with remote and hybrid work. While the majority of these workflows can be automated, a large number of business users, functional managers, and team leads remain heavily reliant on spreadsheets, as modern alternatives don’t offer the flexibility for them to design their own workflows or are too complex to deploy.

“It is unreasonable to expect business users to have complete visibility into processes and have the ability to build complex workflows”, explained Dinesh. “These business users normally start automating unstructured processes to begin with before automating the structured ones. With Kissflow Workflow, one can now automate unstructured processes within minutes and put the users in control. We believe this marks a true milestone in the citizen developer movement”.

For a decade, Kissflow Workflow has empowered thousands of business teams to automate structured processes in a simple way, thus enhancing productivity. The latest version marks the beginning of a new era of workflow management with capabilities to automate both simple processes as well as complex & dynamic cases in a single platform. Teams and business users can take full control of workflows, no matter how unpredictable use cases are, such as issue tracking, lead pipeline, help desk, and many more.

Over 140+ readymade templates are available for business users to set up and launch anything from simple approval requests to complex processes. These drag and drop templates are built for use by HR, sales, IT, finance, procurement, customer support and other functions. The platform also comes with contextual collaboration built into it. The process-based activity feeds make for a collaborative workplace.

The advanced plan is priced at $9.99 per user and the fully loaded plan comes at $19 per user.


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