Nokia Solutions and Networks unveils future tech targets

tech-vision-bnr2Nokia Solutions and Networks has outlined six core future targets in its Technology Vision 2020 manifesto.

 Among them, it aims to enable 1000 times more data delivery capacity, reduce latency to miliseconds and to teach networks to be ‘self-aware‘.

It also wants to personalise network experience, reinvent telco for the cloud, and flatten energy consumption.

To enable 1000 times more capacity, NSN claims it is driving 5G research together with customers and industry partners and heading the HetNet stream in METIS, an EU funded 5G flagship research project.

Meanwhile, it says that by introducing Liquid Applications, which turns the base station into an intelligent part of the mobile operator’s network to store, process and deliver local content in close proximity to the end user, it can achieve reduced latency.

Hossein Moiin, executive vice president, Technology and Innovation, and member of the Executive Board, NSN said, “Until now, end users have learned how to use mobile broadband networks to enrich their lives. In the future, end users will teach networks and devices how to evolve and adapt to 2020 lifestyles.

“Technology Vision 2020 is a guide that equips mobile broadband networks to adapt to those lifestyles. We are working closely with customers, partners, top universities and research institutes to make Technology Vision 2020 a reality.”

NSN also claim to have developed the first working implementation of a linearly scalable big data platform for the telco environment which is theoretically capable of crunching one million messages a second.

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