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Pure Storage introduces next-gen FlashArray models for enhanced data storage

Pure Storage launches the latest FlashArray//X™ and FlashArray//C™ R4 models, delivering unmatched data agility, performance and cost savings.

“Pure Storage pioneered all-flash storage, and the 4th generation of FlashArray//X and FlashArray//C extends our multi-year leadership advantage. We’re driving the revolution of an all-flash data centre at the cost of disk — which unlocks the incredible density, OPEX, and power efficiency savings needed for next-generation data centres,” said Shawn Hansen, VP and GM, FlashArray, Pure Storage.

The combination of data growth, changes in application types, new technologies, and the need to move faster drive a critical need for agility, yet organizations continue to face pressure to get more done with less energy, less time, and reduced costs.

However, today’s fragmented and siloed storage solutions, coupled with stagnant IT budgets and countless manual, inflexible operations, continue to result in increased OPEX costs, while the rapid growth of data causes existing storage platforms to reach capacity and management limits too quickly.

The next-generation FlashArray//X and FlashArray//C support the industry’s agile storage needs by pioneering the industry’s leading all-flash platform that uniquely integrates hardware with a unified Purity operating environment across all products.

With a massive leap forward in performance and scale, FlashArray™ continues to lead the storage industry, powering the most demanding applications and business-critical workloads while reducing their overall management costs by up to 74% over legacy storage. Pure Storage Evergreen//Forever™ subscribers can take advantage of the massive performance and efficiency gains at no additional cost and completely non-disruptively.

The latest FlashArray//X and FlashArray//C R4 models deliver significant advancements over prior generations. Customers get:

  • Up to 40% Performance Boost: The latest R4 models drive up to a 40% performance boost, over 80% increased memory speeds to support greater workload consolidation, and a 30% inline compression boost to stretch storage capacity further. Built on PCIe Gen4 technology and using the latest Intel XeonTM chipset and DDR5 DRAM, FlashArray//X and FlashArray//C R4 give customers more power to support more workloads with up to 74% TCO savings.
  • More Choices for Business-Critical Workloads: By expanding its FlashArray//C line with FlashArray//C90, Pure Storage enables more customer choices for business-critical workloads and data where sub 2m second latency is not required, making it the perfect platform for operational databases, workload consolidation, BCDR, and file workloads, including VMware, PACs, and file stores.
  • Industry’s Largest Flash Drives: FlashArray//C will include the upcoming release of 75TB QLC DirectFlash® Modules (DFMs) with built-in non-volatile RAM, while FlashArray//X will include 36TB TLC DFMs. These DFMs deliver 1.5PB per 3RU, a 106% improvement in density per rack unit. DFMs, first introduced with FlashArray//XL™, reduce rack space requirements and enable even more scale with capacity and improved NVRAM throughput. DirectFlash provides 20x greater reliability and drives over 4x more energy efficiency compared to competing all-flash arrays.
  • Continuous Innovation, Without Extra Cost or Disruption: Pure Storage customers can take advantage of the R4 upgrades at no cost via a completely non-disruptive, no-downtime upgrade through Pure Storage’s patented Evergreen® architecture and subscription offering. Evergreen//Flex™ uniquely adds that hardware components and controllers can be reused across the family. Pure Storage pioneered the notion of non-disruptive upgrades via a subscription to continuous innovation and has since upgraded more than 30,000 active storage arrays.
  • Improved Data Protection: FlashArray Auto-on SafeMode has been extended to new volumes on existing arrays, including a new default snapshot schedule and snapshot protection for up to 30 days. This gives customers ultimate protection for all data, with no additional effort, while still providing granular controls as needed.

“FlashArray has long supported us in improving the performance and availability for our enterprise clients’ most critical workloads. These powerful new advancements in efficiency, performance and security will allow Involta to unlock even more value and scalability while driving ongoing TCO savings with unified, efficient management,” commented Josh Holst, Vice President of Cloud Services, Involta.

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