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Qtel achieves major milestone as homes in Qatar switch to high-speed fibre

The next stage in the momentous campaign to provide high-speed Internet to homes and businesses across Qatar has begun, as customers begin to make the switch to Fibre.

In recent months, Qtel field teams have laid out over 1,200 kilometres of fibre cable throughout Doha, capable of connecting more than 60,000 homes. According to the company, this will provide the potential to offer the fastest-ever Internet experience, as well as high definition television through Qtel Mozaic TV.

Starting in August, the Qtel Fibre Teams have been visiting homes to complete the final technical upgrades necessary for customers to receive the state-of-the-art services, the company said.

After initial work in the West Bay Lagoon area, there are now teams working in parts of the Al Kharatiyat and Al Waab areas of Doha, with plans to move into new districts in the coming months, representatives said.  Residences which are eligible to be connected to the Qtel Fibre network are being leafleted to ensure they know to expect a visit from the Fibre Team.

The Fibre Team will increase to almost 1,000 installers in the coming months, to enable a high number of homes in the designated areas to migrate to fibre.

With fibre laid across Doha and Umm Said, 2,000 customers’ homes are already receiving high-speed Internet and Qtel Mozaic TV, Qtel confirmed.

Qtel customer service teams will work with each new customer to enable them to migrate to higher speeds without increasing their monthly Internet costs, the company said. In addition, there will also be options for new customers to receive Mozaic TV alongside their improved Internet package.

The move into the migration phase is a major step in the long-term development of world-class Internet infrastructure in Qatar, and marks the culmination of months of planning, development and implementation for the new Qtel Fibre network, the company added.

Qtel Broadband, Mozaic TV and landline customers in the fibre areas should anticipate a visit from Qtel’s Fibre Team, since all these services will require a fibre connection in order to access the next level of fibre-fuelled delivery, Qtel representatives pointed out.

A typical installation will take between two to three hours during the first visit and approximately one hour for the second visit, the company explained. Qtel’s Fibre Team will always present their ID badge before entering customers’ premises, it added.

The company’s QR600 million investment in fibre technology will have an incredible impact on entertainment, information access and education within homes in Qatar, and contribute to the National Strategy for building a knowledge-based economy, the company concluded.


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