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Dubai Taxi launches ‘Smart Tow’

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has launched the Smart Tow system offering roadside assistance for taxi breakdown via a smart app in all smartphones.

Dubai Taxi ‘Smart Tow’

The DTC has recently signed a contract with the Arabian Automobile Association (AAA), a leading provider of roadside solutions, to operate and upgrade the service.

According to the firm, the system is designed to ease the delivery of roadside assistance to the public, develop a modern way that helps reduce road traffic accidents and congestions and improve the level of service through the rapid deployment of recovery service, if needed. The process is in line with the strategy of making Dubai the smartest city in the world.

Dr. Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO, Dubai Taxi Corporation, RTA, said, “Launching the Smart Tow system provides a platform for marketing the recovery service and expediting the response to emergency accidents. It forms part & parcel of DTC relentless efforts to provide top class and smart taxi services to the public with the aim of uplifting the level of service to excellent standards.

“This service is operated via the ‘Smart Tow’ app through sending the coordinates of the vehicle’s location to the nearest recovery vehicle amongst recovery firms registered in the system. Such firms offer multiple services including car recovery, refuelling, tire repair, simple mechanical repairs (battery), opening locked doors and towing the vehicle to technical workshops.

Al Ali added that the project underlines the importance attached by RTA to intangible assets as the accelerated delivery and achievement of objectives translates into added quality and safety. “Such deliverables are integral components of RTA’s strategy for nurturing an integrated and sustainable infrastructure of a roads network compatible with the highest global quality standards,” he said. “DTC is making relentless efforts to introduce unique initiatives that meet the expectations of Dubai residents & visitors through enhanced traffic safety and improved traffic accidents in the city.

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