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SolarWinds Named in New AIOps Landscape Report

SolarWinds, a leading provider of simple, powerful, and secure IT management software, was named among notable AIOps vendors by Forrester in the new report, The Process-Centric AIOps Landscape, Q1 2023. SolarWinds was included in the report in the “large” vendor market size segment, a category which includes companies with over $150 million in product revenue.

Forrester describes AIOps as a “practice that combines human and technological applications of AI/ML, advanced analytics, and operational practices with business and operations data”. The February 2023 report states that, “Environment complexity, data volumes, lack of data science expertise, and entrenchment of technology-centric vendors pose challenges to process-centric AIOps solutions”.

The report also lists several primary AIOps use cases capable of benefiting customers, including:

  • Increasing operational awareness and event noise reduction
  • Data-driven automation and remediation
  • Operational anomaly and root cause detection
  • Real-time monitoring and observability
  • Intelligent and suggestive alerting

“We’re thrilled to be recognised among notable AIOps vendors by Forrester”, said SolarWinds GVP, Product Management Cullen Childress. “Modern IT environments and applications are too complex, dynamic, and expansive for humans alone to manually process and analyse the enormous amount of data collected. AIOps has become an invaluable tool for technology teams. Our AIOps-powered solutions help organisations analyse huge amounts of data in real time so they can identify and predict digital service issues and resolve them before business activities or clients are affected”.

“Although AIOps receives less fanfare than other AI-powered technology such as ChatGPT”, Childress continued, “its application helps organisations take the critical steps toward proactive management of digital services and move toward autonomous operations, which will require little to no human intervention”.

Advanced AIOps capabilities are part of the cloud-native SolarWinds Platform. All components of the SolarWinds Platform leverage these capabilities, including SolarWinds Observability and the company’s service management solutions. Powerful SolarWinds AIOps was built to help businesses overcome today’s paradox of having too much data and not enough insights. With AIOps-powered observability, organisations can integrate data from across complex hybrid IT environments, receiving the actionable, predictive intelligence they need to optimise performance, reduce costs, and take steps toward autonomous operations.

Similarly, with AIOps-powered service management, companies can resolve service issues faster than ever before, reducing toil and relieving the pressure on end-user services teams. SolarWinds solutions provide maximum visibility into the state of any IT environment—whether it’s on-premises or hybrid—while enabling fast and accurate performance analysis, anomaly detection, issue remediation, root cause analysis, and alert noise reduction.

SolarWinds offers multiple AIOps-powered observability solutions to support customers no matter where they are on their cloud journeys. The company recently unveiled SolarWinds Observability, its first fully integrated, cloud-native offering supporting complex multi-cloud environments and featuring extensibility through a native open-source (OpenTelemetry) framework and third-party integrations. SolarWinds also introduced a new version of Hybrid Cloud Observability, which can be deployed in company data centres but seamlessly implemented in hybrid cloud environments, enabling customers to migrate from on-premises to software as a service (SaaS) at their own pace.

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