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New cybersecurity hub to enhance threat intelligence expertise in Middle East

Thales’s cybersecurity hub in Dubai will become a centre of excellence for Cyber Consulting, services to the region.threat intelligence

The Middle East, and in particular the UAE, have huge digital ambitions and is becoming increasingly digitized across virtually all its major infrastructures. The Cyber Hub will harness Thales’s local expertise and use established world-class methodologies as well as cyber training, simulation and threat intelligence.

Recent reports suggest that the Middle East is especially prone to large-scale cyber-attacks, making security in the region a major priority.

Across 2017 alone the number of incidents in the region has doubled, meaning the threat of cyber-attacks on businesses there is at an all-time high. But most importantly, as businesses continue to extend big data, cloud and mobility, and Internet of Things (IoT) across the entire value chain, from industrial equipment and processes to consumer devices, such attacks are not only growing in number, but also in sophistication. A more proactive and robust approach must be taken to secure critical data and futureproof businesses for success.

“GCC countries, and in particular the UAE, are at the heart of digital transformation. As the value chain becomes increasingly digitised, the risk of cyber-attacks is also on the rise. The stakes are high and cybersecurity is the critical component in the equation; it must be built into applications to protect businesses and critical infrastructure from the very beginning of the process. Through our Cyber Hub, we will work with our customers to bolster their organisations against vulnerabilities and deliver world-class digital transformation safely and securely” Pascale Sourisse, Senior Executive Vice-President, International Development, Thales

Thales highlighted that it has invested over EUR 1 billion over the past three years in key digital technologies, including IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. These competencies will be brought to bear at the Dubai Cyber Hub, where the group’s expertise in safety and security critical markets, will be leveraged against Thales’s region-specific expertise and footprint. The strategy aims at helping customers in the region deliver successful business and digital transformation, both safely and securely.

Through a consultancy-led approach, the Cyber Hub will utilise established methodologies developed by the group, including, cyber health checks, cyber vulnerability investigations, industrial control and SCADA specific risk assessment, as well as cyber training and simulation and threat intelligence.

The Hub will seek to improve customers’ competitive advantage by providing them more robust cyber security protocols, and develop opportunities to upskill and build strategic partnerships with other established cyber businesses across the Middle East.

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