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Trackimo to establish UAE presence after GITEX success

Dubai, UAE, December 30th, 2020: Trackimo, an American Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider focused on compact and cost-effective tracking devices are in the midst of expanding their operations in the region after a successful GITEX participation. Trackimo works with global mobile operators such as Verizon, Vodafone, Telcel, among several others that have already rolled-out Trackimo’s personal safety and asset tracking products for their customers. The company plans to build similar relationships with Etisalat, Du, Batelco, and other operators in the region and replicate its international business model.

The company specialises in developing trackers that work seamlessly indoors and outdoors, over a worldwide cloud-IoT system. Trackimo’s smart GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi trackers are purposed for personal, professional, industrial, and commercial use. The most successful Trackimo consumer IoT product launched recently was the Vodafone Curve Tracker, which was recognised by the Financial Times as ‘the best tracker ever’.

Shai Bar-lavi, CEO, Trackimo

Shai Bar-lavi, CEO, Trackimo, said, “We had a very successful GITEX and we would like to thank and really appreciate the efforts of the organisers for putting up such a flawless trade-show during this global pandemic. The trade visitors that we received at our booth were serious investors and buyers and as a result enabled us to connect with several potential distributors and partners from not only the Middle East but also the African region. We are currently evaluating the distributors and very soon will be establishing our footprint in Dubai, which will serve as our Middle Eastern headquarters”.

With 41 billion smart devices predicted by 2027, and the IoT sector forecast to grow annually by billions of dollars, the launch of such tracking devices emphasises a telecom operator continued innovation through the creation of smart devices and digital experiences, connected by its mobile network.

From monitoring the safety of loved ones to tracking expensive professional gear to industrial and commercial integrations, Trackimo addresses a broad spectrum of tracking and monitoring needs. Tracking people, pets, luggage, shipments, drones, motorcycles, boats, cars, or remote-controlled objects, and many other sectors can immensely benefit from Trackimo’s seamless tracking technology.

Trackimo products keep an eye on loved ones by alerting the guardian when the wearer leaves the safe zone/virtual fence or when the SOS button is pressed. With drones enduring high susceptibility to theft and non-recovery, Trackimo empowers drone owners to track their drone crafts in a real time basis with its lightweight trackers that do not come in the way of the drone’s performance.

Among other devices, during Gitex, Trackimo launched an innovative solution for babies’ safety in cars, using Trackimo Universal 3G, one of the world’s smallest personal GPS trackers, that is connected with cushion-shaped sensor on the baby car-seat via Bluetooth. This product creates an extra level of safety for babies that are inadvertently left behind in cars. This super small tracking device which is only about 4 centimeters allows the owner to track anything from anywhere coupled with constant real-time tracking and worldwide coverage. This ensures that babies are safe all through their journey in any form of transportation.

Another unique GPS tracker the company launched during GITEX was a bicycle GPS. This GPS tracker is installed within the handlebar of the bicycle and has a battery life of 2 weeks, which can be easily recharged like any other mobile device.

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