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UAE hosts the 2023 ACFE fraud conference Middle East

Her Excellency Mariam Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Government Financial Management Sector at MoF.

The UAE will host the 2023 ACFE Fraud Conference Middle East, under the patronage of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and in cooperation with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). The Conference will be held in Dubai on 8 and 9 May 2023.

The conference will be held in the presence of Her Excellency Mariam Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Government Financial Management Sector at MoF, as well as several senior officials from the MoF and from the public and private sectors in the country and region. More than 300 anti-fraud leaders and experts from various public and private sectors in the Middle East will participate in the conference to discuss the latest trends and tools used in the fields of fraud detection and prevention.

Her Excellency Mariam Al Amiri referenced the significance of this conference, noting that it will serve as a pioneering platform through which accounting experts and specialists in internal auditing, governance, and anti-fraud investigation share experiences and expertise. Her Excellency mentioned that the conference will also showcase the best international practices followed in the field of combating fraud, which contribute to bolstering anti-fraud efforts and promoting accountability and transparency in public and private sectors across the region.

Her Excellency Al Amiri said: “The Ministry of Finance is keen to continue supporting the UAE’s ongoing efforts in combating fraud and maintaining the stability and integrity of the fiscal system, and we are committed to enabling a robust fiscal performance in the UAE. Hosting the 2023 ACFE Fraud Conference supports our endeavours to combat fraud and white-collar crimes while providing the UAE’s public and private sectors with the necessary tools and solutions to develop their anti-fraud capabilities. The conference also allows us to enhance best governance and transparency practices, thereby contributing to advancing the UAE’s comprehensive and sustainable development process”.

Bruce Dorris, President and Chief Executive Officer for ACFE, commended the UAE Ministry of Finance for their partnership and for helping advance anti-fraud efforts across the Middle East and surrounding regions. “Managing evolving fraud risks and addressing sustainability issues remain key indicators of organisational stability around the world”, Dorris said. “And as the global financial market has shown in recent years, the best way to combat unforeseen challenges is being equipped with the latest tools, technologies and knowledge”.

He added, “Governments must demonstrate through action the need for constant innovation. The Ministry of Finance’s mission ‘to be a global leader in the fiscal field and to contribute towards achieving the UAE Vision’ is furthered by this partnership and sets an important example not just in the Middle East, but around the world”.

The conference will include a range of discussions, workshops and seminars that will address the most prominent causes and solutions of fraud and the future of issues related to transparency and integrity in public and private institutions. It will also discuss ways to reduce administrative and financial transgressions and raise levels of compliance and internal control in an optimal manner, in addition to means of enhancing and consolidating integrity in the public and private sectors across the Middle East. Additionally, the conference will discuss best practices and global issues that have emerged in light of the developments the world is witnessing in the fields of finance, technology, and sustainability.

The Ministry of Finance has previously worked on developing a guide to combat fraud in the federal government under Cabinet Resolution No. 4/11 of 2018, with the aim of enhancing transparency and integrity in federal entities, as well as enhancing the country’s competitiveness by reducing fraud and administrative corruption. The MoF has identified eight basic procedures for detecting fraud emanating from the violation of laws, regulations and decisions made by federal government employees for the purpose of achieving personal benefits. Foremost of these procedures is obligating each federal entity to create an e-mail and a hotline for reporting fraud cases, while providing protection for whistle-blowers from any harm or consequences for reporting fraud cases.

The 2023 ACFE Fraud Conference Middle East is one of the most prominent anti-fraud events in the Middle East. It brings together more than 300 anti-fraud experts and professionals from the region to exchange ideas and expertise and discuss the latest trends and tools in the field of fraud detection and prevention. The conference focuses on identifying the most effective ways to leverage cutting-edge technology to take use of the internet and social media for fraud investigation.

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