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Vertiv unveils DynaFlex BESS for mission-critical sustainability

Vertiv introduces the DynaFlex BESS, a battery energy storage system designed for mission-critical facilities. The system provides flexibility with utility power, facilitating a dynamic power architecture. Paired with the DynaFlex EMS, it enables advanced energy management strategies, reducing utility costs, generating revenue, and enhancing sustainability.

Available today in North America and EMEA, the Vertiv DynaFlex BESS provides flexibility in the use of utility power and is a critical step in the deployment of a dynamic power architecture. The system allows organizations to fully leverage the capabilities of hybrid power systems that include solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cells, and other forms of alternative energy.

The lithium-ion batteries in the Vertiv DynaFlex BESS provide utility-scale energy for long duration support, allowing seamless and repeated transitions between energy sources. When paired with the optional Vertiv™ DynaFlex EMS (Energy Management System), the Vertiv DynaFlex BESS enables advanced energy management strategies, such as demand management and sharing or selling energy back to the grid that can result in a reduction of utility energy consumption and costs and potentially generate revenue for the parties involved.

According to Omdia’s Market Landscape: Battery Energy Storage Systems report, “Enabling the battery ESS to interact with the smart electric grid is an innovative way of contributing to the grid through the balance of energy supply and demand, the integration of renewable energy resources into the power equation, the reduction or deferral of grid infrastructure investment, and the creation of new revenue streams for stakeholders.”

“Sustainability has become a core tenet of many organizations’ growth plans, but concerns about operational resilience and growing stress on the grid have limited efforts to adopt alternative energy sources,” said Peter Panfil, vice president, global power, Vertiv. “The Vertiv DynaFlex BESS opens the full energy management toolbox. It allows organizations to leverage the strengths of these new energy generation assets and relegates the traditional utility provider to a complementary role in a more dynamic, efficient, and reliable mix of energy sources.”

The Vertiv™ DynaFlex BESS is designed specifically for mission critical environments, such as commercial industrial facilities, high-value manufacturing plants, data centers, and other facilities where power plays a critical role. The system’s power conversion system (PCS) is designed to support 2 millisecond output, virtually eliminating any delays while shifting the load between hybrid power sources. Paired with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, the reliable, highly efficient design of the Vertiv DynaFlex BESS reduces the risk of data center outages and diesel generator starts.

The UL9540A-tested lithium-ion batteries in the Vertiv DynaFlex BESS are designed to minimize fire risks, are free-standing with a small footprint, and are designed for modularity.

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