WD unveils latest cross-platform personal cloud device

wdfMyCloud (1)Storage provider WD today unveiled its latest personal cloud device; My Cloud.

My Cloud allows users to access any information from anywhere, and contains folder level access for individuals, meaning an administrator can control which files can be seen by those connected to it.

The device can interact with other cloud offerings such as Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud, allowing users to transfer files across their accounts – via the My Cloud platform – once linked.

It is iOS and Android compatible, and has a downloadable mobile and desktop app that allows users to control their accounts.

“My Cloud allows consumers to tackle their digital challenges head-on, by consolidating a variety of sources of data into one platform,” said Khalid Wani, Sales Director, Branded Business, Middle East, Africa and India, WD.

“WD’s personal cloud is simple and intuitive to use, is secure and also the most affordable way for consumers to control digital chaos, with access to all of their files anywhere and at any time; the device is the cloud, and doesn’t have the complexities of an NAS product.”

Research firm Gartner estimates that by 2016, the average household will own approximately 3.3 TB of data, and this is what has driven WD’s innovation.

To ensure the security of information stored on the cloud, it features 128bit AES encryption.

Wani said, “When someone uploads any sort of information to the public cloud, they effectively sign away their rights to that information. Most people don’t want to upload mission critical data to the public cloud, and My Cloud avoids that problem.

“In addition, it avoids the hassle of sending emails with large attachments, which consume the recipient’s memory. The ability to select who can see what on the cloud is a massive advantage. In today’s digital world everyone is swamped with thousands of files that are spread across multiple computing devices. Managing this digital chaos can be a challenge.”

Although the device’s storage capacity cannot be expanded via subscription, it can be increased by attaching a compatible USB 3.0 hard drive to the expansion port.

WD could not confirm the maximum number of devices that can be linked to the cloud, but said that theoretically it is limitless.

The system is fanless, and is designed to be cooler, creating 30% more power efficiency, WD says.

While most other cloud providers offer their services on an annual payment basis, My Cloud is available on a one-off payment of $160 for 2 TB, and $240 for 4 TB and will be available at selected Middle East retailers on 1st December.

“We’re able to offer a cheaper cloud service because the costs of producing a personal cloud are a fraction of what is needed to support the structure of the private cloud,” Wani said.

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