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AOC’s “Faster Series” to ensure victory for e-gamers

When competing during online gaming events a monitor designed for fast performance is important in ensuring a player’s victory.

AOC’s “Fastest Series” feature a minimum of 144Hz or above refresh rates, less than 1ms response times, and anti-tearing functionality with the latest AMD FreeSync2 or NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility. Together, these features ensure users at all levels of gaming can enjoy a first-class gaming experience enjoyed by pro gamers all over the world.

Gamers are a diverse crowd in terms of individual backgrounds and personal preferences. But experience has shown that sometimes a simple solution is the best solution, and AOC’s the “Fastest Series” focus on speed and performance above all.

With the network and credibility it has built, AOC has been able to listen to gamer’s true voices and preferences in design, leading to many monitors that are in essence designed by gamers for gamers.

Carol Anne Dias, regional sales director for MEA, AOC, said, “At AOC, we understand that in many cases, the difference between victory and defeat can be determined in less than a second. The ‘Fastest Series’ takes a simpler approach to monitor design – it will offer a diverse array of product types to cater to different users, but gamers can have faith that no matter which display they choose from this series, we will always understand their need for fast reactions and a smooth lag-free experience.”

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