Forcepoint enables flexible enterprise security transformation

Forcepoint has announced the a new enterprise licensing programme, Forcepoint Advantage, which delivers cost-effective and flexible all-inclusive security subscription services specifically designed to enable enterprises to dynamically grow and fund their digital transformations.Forcepoint enterprise security

Traditional cybersecurity pricing models are obtusely complex requiring enterprises to license each point product separately which results in a costly security stack with inherent interoperability and manageability challenges that inhibit the ability to get ahead of today’s threat environment.

The current product-centric security paradigm forces the average enterprise to deploy 50 or more individual products to create a loosely integrated security fabric which is contributing to the near record number of infrastructure compromises and data breaches.

Forcepoint Advantage is aimed at modernising the cybersecurity industry’s approach to pricing with a single per-user subscription programme across the endpoint, network, cloud and entity behaviour analytics. This eliminates the need to license and manage separate point products – such as a firewall, web gateway, CASB and DLP – by offering unlimited access to Forcepoint’s integrated portfolio of user, data and edge protection solutions for a more than 30 percent reduction in total cost of ownership.

Matthew Moynahan, CEO, Forcepoint highlighted that the company recognised that solving today’s most pressing security problems requires tight integration of capabilities that cross traditional point product boundaries.

“We are committed to being a true security partner by driving convergence across the security stack and returning value back to our customers in the form of dramatically reduced licensing costs and lower operational burden for their already resource constrained security teams. Every user on today’s enterprise network must be protected, and we are committed to making it affordable for our customers to do so through programmes such as Forcepoint Advantage.”

Forcepoint Advantage eliminates the hidden costs buried in today’s traditional point product licensing models. Enterprise subscribers garner up-front access to all the features and functionality of Forcepoint’s security solutions with new cloud capabilities continuously added throughout the life of the subscription – at no additional cost. And, with Forcepoint Advantage’s transparent and predictable support, organisations garner the most flexible enterprise deployment model available today to cover unlimited user growth, whether through organic business expansion or mergers and acquisition, over the term of the relationship.

The Forcepoint Advantage enterprise licensing programme is available for the company’s entire solution portfolio or for user, data and edge protection editions. To learn more about Forcepoint Advantage visit:

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