Huawei demonstrate new innovations at Tech Carnival 2023

Huawei launched six ground-breaking innovations and held high-level industry keynotes and discussions on topics like high-quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus, Intelligent CloudWAN, at the Huawei Middle East & Central Asia Tech Carnival 2023.

Under the ‘Leading Digital Infrastructure for New Value Together’ theme, Huawei’s ME&CA Tech Carnival brings together industry opinion leaders to explore the infinite possibilities of digitalisation.

In the next decade, digital transformation will remain pivotal for global development. While economic development is full of uncertainty, one thing remains certain for enterprises — digital transformation will drive development.

Intelligent networks bridge IT and CT and cover all production and office procedures of enterprises.

In the data communication field, Huawei’s nonstop technology innovation constantly pushes the industry to its limits.

At HNS, Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, shed light on Huawei’s key technology innovations in seven major scenarios: office campus, production campus, branch interconnection, wide area network (WAN), data center network (DCN), network security, and commercial & distribution business markets.

Steven Zhao delivered a keynote speech titled “Innovations Never Stop”

With these field-proven technology innovations, Huawei has continuously upgraded the network coverage, intelligent operations, quality assurance, security, and trustworthiness capabilities.

At HNS, Huawei unveiled six ground-breaking innovations, including flagship products and future-proof solutions.

  • AirEngine 8771-X1T

As the industry’s first enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 AP, AirEngine 8771-X1T delivers a record-high 30 Gbps speed and ultra-low 10 ms latency, creating the ultimate experience of fully-wireless access anytime, anywhere.

  • CloudEngine S16700

CloudEngine S16700 is the industry’s most powerful campus core switch, propelling enterprise networks into a 400 Gbps campus future. It innovates with an orthogonal multi-level switching architecture and delivers 14.4 Tbps per slot, four times the industry average forwarding performance.

  • NetEngine AR8700

NetEngine AR8700 is a next-generation, highly reliable, hyper-converged headquarters gateway that stands out for high performance, dual Main Processing Units (MPUs), and separation of forwarding and control planes. It supports networking at scale, enabling one network for up to 3000 branches and one platform for centralized management of 20,000 Network Elements (NEs).

  • NetEngine 8000 F8

NetEngine 8000 F8 is an ultra-high-density metro aggregation router that draws on IPv6 Enhanced technologies and achieves flexible scaling to 6.4 Tbps forwarding performance. Its latest 10GE FlexE subcard supports Mbps-level slicing granularity and 10K-level network slices.

  • CloudEngine 16800-X

CloudEngine 16800-X is the industry’s first data center switch built for diversified computing power. It is 800GE ready and builds a lossless Ethernet network to underpin diversified computing power for applications such as High-Performance Computing (HPC), AI, and high-performance storage.

  • Multilayer ransomware protection solution

Huawei’s first multilayer ransomware protection solution stands out for endpoint-network-storage collaboration.

With three core capabilities — network-storage collaborative detection, response, and recovery — this solution is ideal for building an all-around security system that features two lines of defense and six layers of in-depth defense.

Also at HNS, Huawei launched the first IP Club member program in the Central Asia region, recruiting over 200 members at the event. Furthermore, Huawei presented awards to the outstanding IP Club members in the Middle East who have made remarkable contributions.

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