Mimecast, CrowdStrike team up to enable customers better defend against threats

Mimecast has joined the CrowdStrike Elevate Partner Program, an elite cybersecurity ecosystem delivering solutions and expertise to stop breaches.

Peter Bauer, Mimecast CrowdStrike
Peter Bauer, Mimecast

Through Mimecast partnering with CrowdStrike, customers can better defend against threats at the perimeter, inside an organisation and beyond, improving an organisation’s overall security posture.

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform offers cloud-based architecture that is highly scalable in nature and secures all devices and workloads in real-time across an organisation. The Falcon platform’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine collects and monitors threat data from more than 4 trillion events weekly. This data is used to mitigate risk for clients, providing protection against today’s cyber threats by supporting large-scale data models that can recognise and prevent attempted intrusions. Complementary to Mimecast’s defense approach, this integration expands community immunity exponentially helping to quickly identify and resolve incidents.

Through this partnership, customers’ endpoints are enriched by email and web data along with indicators of compromise. The sharing of newly discovered threats and growing threat activity will improve customers’ overall cyber resilience postures by helping avoid downtime and costly breaches.

“As we think about how threats have evolved, a layered approach to email and web security is key to keeping an organisation protected from threats it can and can’t see,” said Peter Bauer, chief executive officer of Mimecast. “Organisations need deep email threat intelligence that is integrated into their endpoint to make their systems work better together so the identification, prevention and response to threats are connected, orchestrated and automated. CrowdStrike was a perfect addition to our ecosystem of partners as the combination of endpoint, email and web security will offer Mimecast and CrowdStrike joint customers actionable threat intelligence to build a stronger cyber resilience posture.”

“Today’s complex threat environment includes rising eCrime activity that utilises a multitude of tactics, such as targeting organisations through email phishing attacks for monetary gain. As such, multilayered risk mitigation strategies are necessary to secure employees from the endpoint to the email and web,” said Matthew Polly, vice president of worldwide alliances, channel and business development at CrowdStrike. “Partnering with Mimecast will offer joint customers strong security and insights into the threats they face from advanced cybercriminals in order to better secure their critical data, ultimately protecting day-to-day business operations.”

The partnership will also include robust reporting and measurement capabilities to help CISOs be fully aware of their cybersecurity ecosystem and learn from breaches that were prevented.

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