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Sophos Intercept X scores high in “security effectiveness” in NSS Labs 2019 AEP Test

Sophos has announced that its next- gen endpoint solution, Sophos Intercept X, was recognised for having the highest security effectiveness and the most efficient TCO (total cost of ownership).

The Sophos solution was tested along with 19 other  top endpoint security products published in the 2019 AEP Group Test by NSS Labs.

The 2019 Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP 3.0) Group Test tested 21 products from market-leading vendors out of which 19 comparable products were presented in the Security Value Map (SVM). These products were examined for security effectiveness and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Joe Levy, Sophos
Joe Levy, Sophos

“Measuring cybersecurity product effectiveness is unimaginably complex. With threats and attack techniques increasing and evolving at an ever-accelerating rate, testing houses need to make extraordinary investments in their laboratories if they are to produce meaningful and rigorous measurements of cybersecurity product effectiveness,” said Joe Levy, Chief Technology Officer, Sophos.

“But just like all cybersecurity products are not equal, not all testing houses are equal and this remains somewhat opaque to the consumers of their reports, particularly when there is insufficient transparency around methodologies or execution details. Competent independent testing labs provide a great service to vendors and buyers, and are critical to the cybersecurity ecosystem to drive higher standards of protection for all,” he added.

Sophos Intercept X includes advanced deep learning technology, which delivers a massively scalable detection model that is able to learn the entire observable threat landscape. With the ability to process hundreds of millions of samples, deep learning can make more accurate predictions at a faster rate with far fewer false-positives when compared to traditional machine learning.

Sophos Intercept X also includes innovations in anti-ransomware and exploit prevention, and active-hacker mitigations such as credential theft protection. By integrating deep learning technology, Intercept X is changing endpoint security from a reactive to a predictive approach to protect against unknown threats.

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