DNS Security firm BlueCat appoints Spire Solutions as ME distributor

Spire Solutions has announced its partnership with BlueCat, to address customer challenges related to security, network control and compliance.

As organisations in the region strive to protect vital assets with various security tools, implementing DNS security is an added advantage. According to the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report, 91.3 percent of malware used the DNS protocol for command and control, data exfiltration or to deliver malicious payloads within a corporate network.

“While it’s not always easy to predict the future in cybersecurity, improvements in DNS security are forcing cyber-attackers to change their strategies in order to keep up. Therefore, we need to ensure that customers in the region have effective DNS security defenses in place, while simultaneously being poised to match the pace of cyber-attackers,” said Sapan Agarwal, Deputy VP, Product Management at Spire Solutions.

Bluecat delivers innovative approaches through DNS Edge, which leverages the existing DNS infrastructure to give a user visibility, control and detection capabilities. These features allow detection, blocking, and quick remediation of cyberattacks; which take place at the DNS layer.

“Enterprises today fall prey to DNS threats due to their increasing sophistication and frequency. These attacks have had a drastic shift in geographical focus from just Western countries, to now including the Middle East. Protecting DNS is critically important to a strong security posture as the vast majority of malware uses DNS to operate,” said Steffen Marckardt, senior director, EMEA Channel and Alliances Sales.

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