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Interview: Infinity Data Systems is in growth and expansion mode

Manoj Salve, Director, Audio/Video at Infinity Data Systems discusses customer preferences and the company’s growth trajectory.

Can you give us an overview of key market trends

In the last couple of years, technology has become more reliable and within the reach and access of customers, particularly from a financial point of view. TAM is growing fast and has surpassed double digits. Another key trend is that the lines between A/V are blurring and overlapping more with the IT industry.

What are your main challenges your face in your job role?

Product life cycles are becoming shorter, mainly because customers wish to retain the product for a longer period and vendors often discontinue models as and when technology becomes outdated. We also face challenges in servicing the client. Another issue is that today’s customers, particularly those in the mid-segment, are spoilt for choice and so are unable to decide and make up their minds.

What are the company’s plans for 2024?

 This year, we’d like to enhance our presence in the education segment, where digital/online learning is fast becoming the norm, particularly post the pandemic. We’d also like to capitalise on the high growth being seen in sectors like premium properties and hospitality.

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