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Interview: Infinity Data Systems on a path of constant innovation

Anita Joseph caught up with Manu Kaushik, Director, Projects at Infinity Data Systems, to find out more about the company’s approach to project management and execution.

What are the challenges you face in your role?

My team and I face multiple challenges, the main one being that of executing projects to customer satisfaction and on time. To tackle this while keeping an eye on profits, we need to constantly innovative and be meticulous. This is a critical requirement, because any flaws in planning or site preparedness will affect the cost of the projects. Moreover, customers will not tolerate any variance requests.

Do you manage projects with an in-house team, or do you outsource?

We have our own core team comprising engineers and senior technicians. Outsourcing technicians depends on the project size and time schedule of project handover. That said, even when we outsource, we only take from a select pool. This ensures quality of the deliverables.

Does the company have any skill development programs in place for your team?

 Yes, indeed. We encourage our team members to take vendor certification. In fact, all our key team members have the highest level of certification from major vendors such as HP / Dell / Huawei and Fortinet. We also invest in higher education and skill enhancement of our employees.

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