It’s time for a change!

Bahaa Salah, Ingram Micro
Bahaa Salah, Ingram Micro

Throughout my career, I remember going through several turning points – when I could see clearly that it was about time to change, adopt to new strategies, diversify, introduce new technologies to channel partners and their end customers and so on.

I always fondly remember the times when I used to sell a notebook at two digits margin. It is incredible how far we have come today.

I believe we are now entering into another era, I believe it is time for a change again. Technology nowadays is not only about implementing a hardware, a software or an application. It has become essential to integrate solution-fulfilling business vision and strategic objectives. Throughout the past years, several companies have taken the turn towards digital transformation, not only to meet IT and internal users’ needs, but more likely to integrate technology capabilities to transform their business. Technology is today an add-on to business models value proposition and a unique differentiator, offering the best-in-class customer and user experiences, services, driving innovation and generating more profit.

My advice to my dear partners is to sell solutions and services; do not remain limited to products selling. Adopt to new technologies and include the same as part of a solution, like Security, IoT and AI, which are growing rapidly now. I have observed a faster adoption to these technologies, while in fact others expected these trends to take a longer time to resonate in this part of the world.

We, at Ingram Micro, are offering the best-in-class and the most innovative solutions for these technologies and we support channel partners to shape up and to be able to represent different solutions in these domains.

Last but not least, end customers today are spending less in terms of traditional IT infrastructure. However they are willing to spend more in areas that will make them run their business better and add value to their existing setup. Therefore, it is critical that they adopt to new technologies, resulting in huge opportunities for channel partners. We encourage our partners to maximize these trends.

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