Raqmiyat leads the charge in customers’ security transformation

Abhijit Mahadik, Raqmiyat
Abhijit Mahadik, Raqmiyat

Abhijit Mahadik, director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure, Raqmiyat, gives an outline of the biggest insights gained from its recently held end-user focused roundtable discussion in Dubai.

Cybersecurity is the need of the hour as the threat landscape becomes more complex and sophisticated. Customers are seeking trusted advisors who will help them navigate this challenging aspect of the digital era. At the recently held end-user roundtable hosted by Raqmiyat, Exclusive Networks and Infoblox, the objective of the event was to encourage conversations around how to effectively combat cyber threats.

In an exclusive interview with, Abhijit Mahadik, director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure, Raqmiyat, said, “The main aim of the event is to assist customers with their challenges around understanding data security and the local compliance requirements.”

The regional systems integrator is focused on cybersecurity and believes it is the most critical aspect of digital transformation.

“As customers are moving away from traditional infrastructures to cloud, cybersecurity forms the foundation stone in this big journey of transformation. Cybersecurity cannot be an afterthought and must be an integral component right from the beginning of their journey.”

Raqmiyat works closely with its vendor Infoblox through its distributor Exclusive Networks to ensure end-users are guided at every step of their digital transformation when it comes to security.

Mahadik added, “Infoblox is one of those vendors from our portfolio that addresses both data security and local complaint requirement challenges.”

With end-users hailing from different verticals such as banking, government and large corporates, the discussion revolved around not only about the technologies but also the core problems customers face when implementing them.

Mahadik attributes the success of the event to Raqmiyat’s presence in the region, the services it has been offering for a long time and the vendor it has selected to host the discussion.

“When we select a vendor for such a discussion, we ensure that the brand is a great reputation, is placed well in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and boasts a good service credibility in the market with a proven track record. Infoblox checked in all the boxes.”

Guests left the roundtable discussion having been enlightened about the importance of local compliance and data security, and how crucial it is to select the right partner to engage effectively.

“The most important part is not about getting the best product from the market and fitting it in the environment. Whenever a security solution is implemented in any environment, it has to talk and integrate with all the other elements in the ecosystem,” he said.

“This is why selecting the right integrator is as important as partnering with the right vendor. We had in-depth discussions about how we at Raqmiyat along with our distributor partner Exclusive Networks and vendor partner Infoblox can create comprehensive solutions keeping in mind end-users’ priorities.”

He explained that Exclusive Networks play a significant role to their operations as a value-added distributor.

“As an integrator, we front end the opportunity with the customer. We ensure that we understand the requirements and integration clearly. Exclusive Networks plays a critical role by not just being a partner who brings the right solutions to us, but also provides us with the right skillsets as and when required to the integration and supporting requirements.”

Over the coming months, Raqmiyat will focus on enabling customers and leading them in their cloud and security transformation journeys.

“Every industry and technology change will require security as the underlying layer and as trusted partners, we will continue to provide innovative solutions in these areas,” said Mahadik.

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