How Baklawa Made Better is streamlining its operations with cloud

Ramesh Ramiah, BMB, cloud
Ramesh Ramiah, BMB

Baklawa Made Better (BMB) Head of IT Ramesh Ramiah shares how the firm’s migration to cloud helped improve business operations and ROI.

Migrating to the cloud has become an essential roadmap for many companies in the region towards digital transformation. Based on an organizations operations and preferences, they may choose to have their entire IT infrastructure on cloud or on-prem or enjoy the flexibility of a having both. Organizations choose the technology that adds value to their business functions. Cloud technology has profoundly impacted BMB’s people, organization and operations.

Previously optimising an on-premise only infrastructure, BMB has made a strategic decision of migrating its operations to the cloud. Using CloudHost’s technology CloudScales and AppLite, the stakeholders of the BMB has witnessed positive effects on cost and time in their operations.

“When your business is evolving at a fast pace, your IT needs to maintain its pace as well. And when you are in an environment where you need to scale your resources every 3 to 4 months, cloud infrastructure is the best technology we have in our hands. By having our IT in a virtual environment, we can up-scale or down-scale on-demand while staying agile,” says Ramesh Ramiah, Head of IT, BMB.

CloudScales, a technology developed by CloudHost, is designed to empower businesses to build their virtual data centre on the cloud within minutes. With scalability a big aspect of its digital transformation objectives, CloudScales addresses BMB’s need of the hour.

“We are manufacture a large number of products every day, and this number is growing day by day,” says Ramiah.

“We’ve had an increase in demand for resources, it is not just about expanding our IT resources like computers, memory, servers, licenses and security. We are also required to have staff who can monitor and manage our current data volume and servers. We would be incurring huge costs and would require more time to scale if we were to have the infrastructure on-premise.”

Ramiah highlights that this is why BMB values cloud technology and considers it the best solution for their business as it gives them the capability to be time and cost-effective.

“As a manufacturing company, our dependability on IT is too high which is why decided to hire CloudHost Technology to manage our infrastructure. Their innovative technology and resources have helped us manage our data end-to-end,” Ramiah explains.

He adds, “Their solution AppLite has brought all our business applications and ERP solutions to our mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This has helped us with mobility and productivity and this is why we are more focused on doing our business instead of focusing on our infrastructure.”

Following the implementation, Ramiah says that they are now able to focus more on planning and developing innovations, and are looking into automating a lot of their operational processes. “We now have peace of mind since moving to the cloud,” he says.

CloudHost Technology, is a UAE-based Cloud Solutions provider and is quickly becoming a preferred Cloud Partner for many UAE based SMB’s and Enterprise customers. If your organization is on its path towards digital transformation, explore and evaluate CloudHost’s solutions for real-time insights of your entire IT infrastructure on a single pane dashboard, scaling on the go, improving team collaborations, Data Security and Compliance.


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