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Customer Engagement Plays a Key Role in KSA’s Booming Retail Sector

Nasser Al Sabbagh, Enterprise Team Leader, Infobip shared the role of omnichannel technology in redefining the customer experience to accommodate KSA’s burgeoning, tech savvy population.

  1. Cloud communication technology has now been established as a guaranteed way for companies to optimise their operations, what are some of the gaps that CPaaS and SaaS can fill?

For decades, businesses have been looking for operations solutions to minimise cost, time, and GTM time. Hence, SaaS has been the first choice for those businesses as a means to overcome operational challenges, ease of implementation, and low implementation and maintenance costs. CpaaS offers similar advantages as a communications solution, but rather than companies building their own communications infrastructure from scratch, businesses that use cloud-based APIs from CPaaS providers can add real-time communications such as voicevideo, and messaging into their applications by adding a few lines of code.

  1. It is said that data is the new oil. Can you explain the role of data analytics and AI in transforming traditional retail models?

Indeed, the need for consolidated, structured data that cover consumers’ 360-degree view is now a main priority for retailers. The increased demand of enhancing customer experience in the retail sector has forced businesses to adapt AI and data analytics application to help evolve the retail value chain. The applications of AI and data analytics has helped to predict consumer behaviour leading to better response time in demand supply plus building a stronger brand-customer relationship.

  1. Omnichannel tools are creating more meaningful shopping experiences. What, in your opinion, are the key factors of a successful costumer journey?

Customers are becoming more emotionally involved with their favorite brands and more demanding when it comes to their ways of buying, hence the evolution in omnichannel tools supports the 5 A’s of customer journey; Attract, Aware, Ask, Act, and Advocate. Omnichannel tools play a vital role when it comes to enhanced customer engagement vs. customer experience.

  1. Consumer behaviour has changed in these post COVID times. Could you please share some of the key trends that you have observed in KSA with regards to the retail sector?

Covid has been a distributive factor to the retail sector in many ways. We have observed an increase in digital awareness, a leap in the establishment of e-commerce projects and platform deployments, and an increased demand in customer service platforms. We have also witnessed a shift in retail behaviour from traditional supply and demand to an intelligent selling technique based on building better customer relationships.

  1. What advice would you like to share for the retail community for a successful business year?

I advise retailers to ride the trend of customer centricity, and to focus more on customer engagement tools and tactics to bring their loyal clients a delightful customer experience.

Infobip will be participating in LEAP, KSA from February 1st-3rd, 2022. To learn more about cloud communication stop by Infobip’s booth H4-B30, Riyadh Front Expo Centre, from 12pm-10:00pm.

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