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How mobile apps are revolutionising health and wellness

8 June, 2021: Whether we like it or not, our body is designed to be physically active. While twists and crunches are not comfortable activities especially for lazy people, they are helpful for our overall well-being.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), physical inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for deaths caused by noncommunicable diseases. People who lead sedentary lives also have a 20 per cent to 30 per cent increased risk compared to those who are way more active.

However, since early 2020, many parts of the world have been on lockdowns and social distancing. To their dismay, fitness enthusiasts found themselves unable to visit the gym. Nevertheless, the need for healthy physical activity cannot be overstated. Thus, people have come up with several solutions, such as the virtual fitness apps.

In fact, the World Economic Forum revealed in September 2020 that the global downloads of fitness and health applications surged by 46 per cent from 2019. What is with these virtual fitness apps, and why are people using them? Here are reasons why you should consider getting one to help keep you healthy and well.

Fitness applications like FitWin exist for a main purpose, which is to encourage its users to stay active and maintain their wellbeing by rewarding them for every milestone they achieve in their fitness journey.

A plethora of apps today do not only focus on helping you make your workout plan, but they also add features such as challenges, group workout classes, and more. You won’t have to feel that your path to fitness is a lonely journey, simply because it really isn’t.

For those who may forget to work out, these apps provide constant notifications on your phone. This way, you will be reminded to make time for your physical fitness wherever you go. Others can also get bored from basic workout stuff, especially if they consider it a routine. If this happens, they may lose interest and dedication to working out and staying fit. Fortunately, various fitness applications have come up with new ideas for workout plans to keep people committed to their fitness goals.

In some cases, people may find it difficult to continue their gym membership. Some may find it too much of a luxury, while others simply do not have the time. To be fair, personal trainers can be a tad expensive to others and, at times, inconvenient. On the other hand, fitness applications are relatively inexpensive and can be accessible at all times. With these, you won’t skip any day from your workout plan.

People need guidance when it comes to achieving their desired fitness goals. Some may struggle in acquiring the right type of workout for their body types. With fitness apps, you can achieve your body and health goals by providing your body condition to the system. For example, you can put in your height, weight, basal metabolic rate (BMR), calorie intake, and calorie burn. This will enable the app to evaluate your physique and feed the workout plan that perfectly fits your type.

Losing weight or gaining muscles at a rate that your body cannot handle may lead to an injury and end up demotivating you altogether. Therefore, having a properly evaluated fitness program will help you achieve your desired body goal while preventing any accidents from happening.

Finally, fitness apps such as FitWin help maintain a track record. These can easily monitor your progress and achievements as set on the app. In summary, fitness mobile apps are convenient for anyone who is planning to lead a healthier lifestyle. You can have new ideas for workout plans, get up to date with different types of competitions, set more realistic goals, and maintain a track record of your progress, as well as that which you still want to accomplish in the future.

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