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Motorola: Why the Future of Connectivity Matters Now More Than Ever

By Sharay Shams, General Manager, Motorola Middle East

5G has often been used as mere buzzword, denoting a future of super-fast wireless connectivity that will have a transformative impact on society. Until recently, sparse availability and the general high cost of devices that can take advantage of 5G has limited the technology’s potential impact.

However, with the recent mass shift towards remote working, the need for fast and more reliable connectivity became apparent to all. The importance of such technology shifted from being a mere privilege to an absolute necessity, as millions suddenly found themselves working, studying, consuming entertainment and socialising from home.

Demand for streaming content increased considerably, as did the requirements for video conferencing. The benefits of 5G became abundantly clear as older networks struggled to keep pace. Popular streaming services even had to downgrade the quality of their content to keep pace.

Increasingly, we have witnessed the widespread deployment of 5G networks by service providers across the Gulf region, but responsibility in bridging the digital divide also sits in the palms of those who create compatible technology. The democratisation of technology is a fundamental element of Motorola’s philosophy and 5G is key to that.

As 5G networks expand coverage across the region, we are also ensuring to bring more affordable 5G enabled devices such as the moto g 5G to the local market. This means that a wider consumer base can now experience the benefits of 5G technology, and that too without compromising on other features expected of any mobile device today.

Motorola has been at the forefront of 5G development, launching the world’s first 5G phone in 2018 (the moto z3), followed by the 5G moto mod in 2019 which enabled existing Motorola users to upgrade their phones. This focus on accelerated innovation remains true, as we create handsets that meet the requirements of consumers for features such as improved battery life, upgraded cameras and immersive displays.

In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, we have recently introduced the moto g 5G – one of the most affordable 5G-enabled smartphones on the marketplace today. This device also represents the first smartphone regionally to feature a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G processor, capable of delivering super-fast speeds and immersive visuals.

Motorola’s pioneering work in 5G technology provides us with a unique position to develop the next wave of ultra-fast mobile devices. Users are already experiencing the improvements in speed and connectivity that 5G brings, but there is much more to come.

Motorola began roll out of 5G enabled smartphones last year, and this will continue in 2021, as more countries deploy these 5G services. With our diversified offerings across mid-tier and high-end devices, we will continue to deliver on our philosophy of providing cutting-edge technology at attractive price points.

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