Outsourcing to focus on cloud computing – survey

Cloud computing is the next big thing in outsourcing, according to the outsourcing professionals themselves.

About two-thirds of companies worldwide are planning to implement some form of cloud computing this year, according to a survey by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). The results of the annual survey were released at the recently concluded The Outsourcing World Summit held in the US.

The survey, which was based on feedback from more than 110,000 members and affiliates of the organisation, revealed that cloud-based outsourcing is the solution that companies are considering to be able to manage customer relationships and other office operations efficiently.

“Cloud-based outsourcing is emerging as one of the biggest changes underway in the outsourcing delivery model,” said IAOP chairman Michael Corbett. “Speed and flexibility are the biggest benefit customers see in these solutions.”

The survey also showed that 80 per cent of customers plan to pursue new outsourcing opportunities this year. Furthermore, respondents see that outsourcing will continue to grow in the future as it is seen as an effective management practice.

Clients are looking for outsourcing providers to bring industry expertise, analytics and innovation to the table, leading to better business insight and greater value creation, said Mike Salvino, group chief executive, BPO, Accenture.

Sixty-two per cent of respondents said they use outsourcing to support their future business opportunities.

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