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Veronica Martin caught up with Hany George, Sales Engineering Manager at Mimecast to discuss GITEX 2022 and the company’s plans for the region.

Can you tell our readers about some of the solutions and partnerships during GITEX this year?

In GITEX this year, we are coming in with a new messaging which is work protected, which means we don’t just protect a single instance of the business solutions, but all the collaboration and communication tools of the customers. As risks keep on increasing, an organisation depends a lot more on email for communications, Slack or Teams for instant messaging. Our solution takes care of providing protection across the whole ecosystem.

In the last 12 months, how has your company performed in the MENA market?

Over this last period, we have increased our growth in the market and also started doing business Saudi Arabia. UAE and Saudi Arabia remain the highest targets for cyber-attacks in the GCC countries, so that’s where our main focus is.

Which technologies and IT trends are the forefront of driving innovation for your business?
We have done a radical change recently to the core of our platform and designed it to offer multiple multilayer protection in a way that services actionable user information, as well as in depth analysis for all of the upcoming threats. In addition, it allows us to look into other security providers, so it maintains one unique usable ecosystem of security rather than implementing endpoint solutions and increasing complexity.

Can you tell our readers how your business model has driven key business outcomes for your customers?

We have taken a close look at what the customers face as a problem with the ongoing fishing attacks. The customers have obviously leaned into a technology that does the protection for them, but increases awareness for the users, so they need to be taught about security in a way that is relevant to them and measurable to the organisation as well.

In terms of measuring the outcomes, the organisations that have used Mimecast have seen a dramatically reduced number of threats.

What differentiates your company from your market rivals?

The primary thing that makes us different from the competition is the holistic look around the security ecosystem. One of the primary things we focus on is the product being part of a much bigger security ecosystem as secure. As threats keep coming, companies keep on deploying a lot of solutions. After a while, they have a very complex environment to maintain that can limit them, so we offer them multi-layer solutions to avoid this.

Our other key differentiator is the efficacy itself as our products do the job and are effective. We also are very aware that human error still exists, so we have been focused on empowering gateways that protect against emails and providing solutions when the user is at risk.

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