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Anita Joseph caught up with Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director at Cloud Box Technologies, to find out how the company is leading the way in providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to businesses.

How significant has cybersecurity become, given the rapid evolution of technology?

Cybersecurity has always been important, but its significance has grown with the rapid adoption of new technologies. Every year, as organizations embrace new technology, they must also consider the potential threats that come with it. The implementation of new technologies is part of a broader digital transformation, and with every technology comes potential vulnerabilities. Therefore, it’s crucial for IT professionals to secure their information. This can only be achieved by using relevant cybersecurity products. There are thousands of cybersecurity vendors in the market, and not all solutions are suitable for every organization. Therefore, it’s essential for customers to carefully select the right cybersecurity tools. Many organizations also struggle to stay updated with the latest technology and tools. This is where companies like ours come in to guide customers and ensure they have the right tools in place. Additionally, we offer solutions such as a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to monitor the entire IT infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities, providing protection against threats. It’s imperative for customers to understand the need for cybersecurity in their organizations.

Could you tell us more about the technologies that your company is focusing on in the field of cybersecurity?

Currently, we are a distinguished premier IT system integrator. When we take on projects related to cybersecurity, we provide consultation, implement solutions, and offer ongoing support as well. However, cybersecurity is a constant concern that doesn’t end with project implementation. As technology evolves, so do threats. This led us to consider becoming a one-stop solution for our customers. We wanted to provide not just the cybersecurity project but also the ongoing protection. We decided to include a Security Operations Center (SOC) capability in our offerings. This was the genesis of RA Technologies, a local SOC based in Dubai. Having a local SOC is a significant advantage, as it ensures data remains within the country. Our locally grown SOC provides end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, allowing customers to sleep peacefully while our SOC remains vigilant. We can identify threats, perform incident recovery, and protect data. This holistic approach sets us apart and offers comprehensive protection for our customers.

What are some of the main cybersecurity challenges you’ve identified in this market?

The challenges in the cybersecurity field are diverse and have evolved over time. It all started with the need for antivirus software to protect against viruses. However, now we face challenges related to AI and other advanced technologies. With the increasing complexity of technology, we must also consider the vulnerabilities that emerge. IT managers may lack the expertise to choose the right solutions, and even selecting the right vendor can be challenging. Cost, performance management, and implementation are all factors that organizations need to consider. Ensuring that employees are aware of potential threats and implementing security practices from the bottom to the top of the organization is crucial. No one person can handle all of these challenges alone, making it even more critical to have advocates and experts like us in the field. Budget constraints, skill shortages, and employee education are common issues. Conveying the importance of investing in cybersecurity to top management is another challenge. These are the challenges we see in the market.

What are your plans for expanding your presence in this dynamic region, especially in the UAE?

Currently, we operate from the UAE and see numerous opportunities in the local market. We believe in establishing a strong foothold in the market before expanding further. The adoption of technology is substantial in the UAE, and there are plenty of customers to serve. While we have clients in Qatar and are considering Saudi Arabia, our primary focus is on the UAE. We have plans to expand our offerings to include security and other technologies such as AI. This allows us to serve our existing customers and provide a comprehensive range of solutions. We have a lot to accomplish in the UAE, and we may consider replicating our success in other regions in the future.

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