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“We are now much, much more than just a Wi-Fi company” – Alain Carpentier, Aruba

Alain Carpentier, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Aruba, has declared that the company is no longer just a Wi-Fi company, but instead, a provider of an end-to-end portfolio of ‘connectivity’ solutions.

Aruba is a global leader when it comes to Wi-Fi technology and are renowned for their incredible innovation in the Wi-Fi space, continuously pushing boundaries as to what is possible.

However, in an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes at GITEX Global 2022, Alain Carpentier, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Aruba said the company has evolved to be much more than just a leader in Wi-Fi technology.

“We are known for our innovation in W-Fi technology, and it certainly is in our DNA as a company. However, we have also transformed the entity to be more connectivity focused through the development of our intelligent edge solutions. This enables us to empower and help our customers transform their edge domain, which is where you consume your IT in a digital world. We’re no longer just a Wi-Fi company, we provide a whole portfolio of connectivity from wireless to 5G and SD-WAN solutions, and we have a lot of software solutions to pilot and manage these environments”, said Carpentier.

There is a swathe of burgeoning opportunities in the Middle East region, and Carpentier credited that with the environment that exists in the region, which he says is an early adapter market.

“We’re an industry-focused company, and the momentum we see in some industries in the Middle East is truly incredible. I believe that the Middle East is an early adapter market, and you can see this in their retail space where there has been an incredible digital transformation in terms of shopping experiences, and the same is the case in hospitality in terms of customer experiences. It is quite interesting for us to understand what has happened in this market to expand it to other markets globally. We see a lot of momentum around several key industry verticals, and we believe we are well-positioned to leverage our expertise to help customers accelerate their digital transformation and understand what type of business outcomes they want to achieve and customer experience they want to enhance”, said Carpentier.

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