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World Backup Day: “AI can help businesses stay one step ahead of cybercriminals” – Alaa Bawab, Lenovo

Alaa Bawab, General Manager for Middle East and Africa, at Lenovo Infrastructure Group (ISG), has provided commentary on World Backup Day, in which he highlights how AI can help businesses stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

As data breaches continue to rise at an alarming rate, World Backup Day is a timely reminder of the importance of protecting data and maintaining powerful safeguards against cybercrime.

A recent study by the UAE Cyber Security Council and CPX Holding, a leading provider of digital-first cybersecurity solutions and services, identified over 155,000 vulnerable assets within the UAE, with more than 40 percent of critical vulnerabilities remaining unaddressed for over five years.

Additionally, the financial repercussions of data breaches in the Middle East, especially with the UAE experiencing the second-highest data breach costs globally, reflect the economic targets of cyber threat actors against the backdrop of Gulf prosperity.

While artificial intelligence (AI) could help cybercriminals broaden their attacks, it can also help businesses stay one step ahead.  

By utilising AI algorithms, businesses can intelligently prioritise data for backup, identifying critical information in real-time, as well as identifying where threats exist in the backup process through the analysis of historical data patterns.

AI can also automate the encryption of sensitive data during the backup process. With advanced encryption techniques, such as homomorphic encryption, data can be processed without being decrypted, mitigating the risk of unauthorised access or data breaches.

Alongside AI, Edge computing allows data to be processed closer to the data source. This means, for example, that a camera system can record footage, but only forward anonymised data to the cloud for processing and storage. This reduces latency and ensures rapid backup without relying solely on centralised servers.

By reducing the need to transmit and store potentially sensitive data, edge computing can also minimise the risk of leaks. When harnessed alongside each other, edge computing and AI will be a game changer for businesses looking to shield their digital assets in the battleground of today’s threat landscape.

Lenovo finds immense value in its partnership with Veeam, particularly in leveraging Veeam’s data protection solution. This collaboration empowers Lenovo to fortify its data security infrastructure and ensure seamless operational continuity.

By integrating Veeam’s advanced capabilities, Lenovo optimises data backup, recovery, and monitoring processes across its diverse range of systems and environments. The partnership not only enhances Lenovo’s ability to safeguard critical data but also fosters efficiency and resilience in its overall IT operations, aligning with its commitment to delivering reliable solutions to customers worldwide.”

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