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Technology remains on top of mind as UAE schools reopen: Condo Protego

As UAE educational institutions go ‘back to school’ on 30th August, they are driving innovation in the $350 billion global education technology market to transform in-classroom and remote learning experiences.

Praj Calthorpe, Condo Protego
Praj Calthorpe, Condo Protego

Worldwide, education spend continues to increase. Research and Markets projects the education technology market to top USD 350 billion by 2025. Schools and universities are ramping up spend on mobile devices, cloud, and cybersecurity.

“As the UAE’s educational institutions re-open, they are learning the lessons of the lockdown to further digitally transform in-classroom and remote learning experiences,” said Praj Calthorpe, Deputy General Manager, Condo Protego.

The leading UAE-based IT infrastructure and information management consultancy and solutions provider collaborates with a wide range of educational institutions.

“While technology alone cannot solve all educational challenges, the educational institutions that invest in mobile devices, cloud-based tools, and cybersecurity can better meet the needs of both teachers and students,” added Calthorpe.

Mobile devices enhance collaboration and remote learning

Many educational institutions already provide students with laptops or tablets, and this will become more widespread. Computer labs, where multiple classes would share the computer, are largely out. In are more personal devices, which can connect to fellow students’ devices or projectors for collaborative projects.

Cloud-based solutions transform learning and administration

As many educational institutions continue with distance or hybrid learning environments, cloud-based software solutions will take on increased prominence.

Students can continue their lessons at home, teachers and administrators can access tools in lesson planning, grading, and administrative and financial tasks.

Many educational institutions are also investing in Artificial Intelligence-based adaptive tutors, which can leverage Big Data to guide and coach students in their personalized online learning journeys. Chatbots can also allow institutions to better track student attendance and engage with both students and their families.

Urgent need for strict cybersecurity and privacy tools

While distance learning has been a remarkable shift for many educational institutions, it has also revealed an urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity.

Educational institutions, especially in working with minors, need to have strict privacy and security regulations in place. For example, educators should ensure that videoconferencing has strict privacy and security features in encryption and passwords, archived recordings, and screen-sharing privileges.


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