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Product Review: Fill the ‘Vaccum’ in your life with the eufy WetVac W31


When we think of technology, we think of convenience. 

Our society is driven by ‘experiences’ and those experiences are underpinned by technology. Technology is a central fulcrum in our daily lives, and our reliance and dependence on it to perform daily tasks has grown exponentially over the years.

Everything we do in our digital economy, whether it be hail a cab, do our shopping, order food, or book a flight is driven by technology.

However, there are some aspects of our daily lives that have not yet been penetrated by technological advancement.

When we think of household chores like washing windows, changing the sheets on our bed, and doing the ironing, then unless we outsource these activities to a third-party, then we are just going to have to roll the sleeves up and get on with it.

One other household chore that consumes time is of course vacuuming and mopping, but the pain has been removed from that backbreaker thanks to Chinese electronics manufacturer Anker Innovations Technology.

Their eufy WetVac W31 is a self-cleaning vacuum mop that has been specifically designed to save time.


Our fast-paced society was slowed down somewhat following the global COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, but we have now emerged from that crisis – and its business as usual.

We know that time is precious, and we want to spend as little time as possible on household chores, however, the Eufy WetVac W31 not only reduces the time you spend on sweeping, mopping and hoovering – but it also infuses an element of fun into cleaning your home.


Our expectations as consumers have heightened, and it has been well documented that there is no such thing as brand loyalty anymore, if we have a bad experience with a product, application, or service then it is highly likely we will not engage with it again!

So as a consumer you will quite rightly ask the question what is so good about the eufy WetVac W31?

Well, let me tell you.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of the eufy WetVac W31 is the fact that it provides you with the ability to vacuum and mop at the same time, which only serves to reinforce the viewpoint that this product saves you a lot of time.

At 2,500 rpm, the rolling brush efficiently extracts and removes the dirt and grime from your floors in a seamless fashion, whilst the 12,500 Pa suction power draws it in so you can enjoy a deeper, more thorough clean.

In addition to this, it also has a 600ml water tank that pushes a continuous stream of fresh water to rinse the rolling brush as it mops the floors.


I don’t want to spend too much time referencing the global pandemic, but if it did teach us anything, it certainly reminded us how important good hygiene is – and again this exceptional product from Anker does just that. 

It was designed with a user’s health at the forefront of the minds of Anker engineers – and that is evidenced by the inclusion of a separate tank that stores dirty water – and the unique design splits wet and dry messes for easy and hygienic cleaning of the tank.

A recurring feature and something that is firmly embedded in the DNA of the eufy WetVac W31 is convenience.

When you have concluded your cleaning, you can simply place it back in the charging base and it immediately starts to clean itself.

eufy claims that it takes 75 seconds to self-clean the rolling brush and approximately 180 seconds to self-dry leaving it fresh, odor free and ready for the next clean.


One other aspect that users should appreciate about the eufy WetVac W31 is the minimalist design.

Other rival cordless vacuum products on the market come with a variety of different parts, that are often never used.

However, the WetVac does exactly what is says on the tin.

In total, there are just 8 items in the box.

The WetVac W31 unit itself; a multi-surface rolling brush; a carpet rolling brush; a hard floor cleaner; a filter; a charging base and; a cleaning tool.


There have been many developments and evolutions over the years in the cordless vacuum industry, and one of them has been the introduction of Smart LED screens.

The technology equips users with the ability to access all the relevant information with a single glance.

In addition to this, the eufy WetVac has ramped things up a gear by introducing voice prompts.

This simple feature on the W31 alerts users audibly to let them know what is happening right away and they do not need to spend extra time and double their efforts to clean a specific area.


There are countless superlatives that can be used to describe the eufy WetVac W31.

Powerful. Versatile. Hybrid. Innovative. Convenient .

however, what is undisputable is the fact that it is unrivalled when it comes to cordless vacuums available in the market.

It saves you time, it self-cleans – but most importantly of all it removes the mundane nature of cleaning your home.

It is retailing for AED1,999 – and it ABSOLUTELY worth the investment. You won’t regret it.

Fill the vacuum in your life with the eufy WetVac W31!

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