Alibaba Cloud to drive smart cities with AI-powered programme

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, demonstrated the capabilities of ET Brain, its proprietary artificial intelligence programme designed for different verticals and cities to tackle real-world challenges.

The programme, which was exhibited at the recently held GITEX Technology Week, was developed under Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain, offers urban planners and city governors the tools to upgrade their city governance such as improving real-time traffic management, pollution control and smart drainage systems. Eleven cities around the world have implemented ET City Brain in the past three years since it was launched.

A feature of the Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain is the Elastic Green Wave Corridor, which synchronises traffic signals to design the most efficient route for ambulances and other priority vehicles, with the least interference to traffic. With City Brain deployed to Hangzhou, it takes just 20 seconds for the AI algorithm to detect a road incident and deploy respondents, with a 95 percent accuracy rate.

Dr Wanli Min, Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist at Alibaba Cloud, said, “Data, computation power and algorithm are the three factors behind Alibaba Cloud ET Brain, which in turn produces actionable insights. This insight is harnessed to enhance traffic management in populated cities and to even calculate the precise amount of irrigation required for crops on a rice plantation.”

“What we are showcasing at Alibaba Cloud are not just theoretical results from research labs, but actual field tests in cities and industries with our solutions. Ultimately, we are empowering decision makers to take actions in a preemptive way, and not just in response to a problem. We plan on taking a deeper dive in the vertical domains, especially in the Middle East where we are witnessing the next wave of digital transformation. We are also aiming to be a part of Dubai Expo 2020, one of the biggest events to take place in the region,” added Dr Min.

For vertical solutions, Alibaba Cloud has created ET Medical Brain for the healthcare sector, ET Industrial Brain for companies to centralise data management and to utilise data, ET Environmental Brain to cross analyse environmental data such as temperature, wind speed, pollution, ET Aviation Brain, to optimise operating efficiency and reduce flight delays and ET Agriculture Brain, to empower farm managers with real-time analysis of their farms and animals.

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