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Snapchat introduces exclusive Eid-inspired stickers, bitmoji and filters

Snapchat has introduced a selection of brand new, Eid-inspired creative tools exclusive to the platform, which will be available during the Eid Al Adha week.

Snapchatters across in the region will be able to decorate their snaps with stickers and a variety of filters (including Bitmoji filters and animated filters), as well as use a Lens to share special moments and wish friends and family a happy Eid, said the company.

When tapping on a Bitmoji, the Snap Map will change to a night sky, with a crescent moon and stars in full view. When close by with two or more friends, Bitmoji on the map will share food together.

The firm said, “There will also be an Our Story available globally, sharing the Eid celebrations of Snapchatters all over the world.”

Snapchat has also released a number of Lens and Filter templates on its website and in Lens Studio, meaning that Snapchatters can make their own personalised creations too, according to the social media firm.

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