Spire Solutions introduces new PPV service

The digital wave sweeping through the Middle East has left the region’s businesses vulnerable to multiple security threats. To help organisations navigate the threat landscape in the most cost-effective manner possible, value-added-distributor Spire Solutions is introducing its exclusive PPV service at this year’s edition of the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit.cybersecurity, SANS

“The core concept behind the creation of this PPV service is simple: the maturity of an organisation’s security roadmap varies from one to the next. Some organisations will have already invested heavily in keeping their digital infrastructure secure, while others might only be in the initial stages of doing so. Our value proposition from a threat mitigation perspective is that organisations should only have to pay for areas of weakness that are identified,” said Avinash Advani, CEO, Spire Solutions.

The new PPV service will allow companies to uncover gaps in their cyber security posture, while simultaneously enabling customers to pay only for issues identified with no up-front commitment.

“We think that this service will provide a significant opportunity in the market — as it has already attracted interest from several organisations, including many of our existing partners and customers,” said Advani. “We expect this service to generate major demand when we launch it at the Gartner summit this week.’

Spire Solutions will also showcase other services from its portfolio at the summit, from participating vendors. The technologies that will be highlighted include threat exposure management by Rapid7, end-point detection and response (EDR) and threat hunting by Endgame, e-mail authentication by EmailAuth, employee-powered information security by HumanFirewall and third-party risk management by Security Scorecard.

Earlier this year Spire Solutions entered into a three-year strategic partnership with Gartner to bring global cyber security best practices to the Middle East. This partnership is specifically geared to assist local companies with their data protection requirements and assist them to achieve effective risk mitigation.

Through collaboration with Gartner’s analysts, Spire Solutions is also providing businesses operating within the region with next-generation cybersecurity technologies, insights on potential security threats, top global technology trends, regional dynamics in the cybersecurity and threat landscape, and organisational vulnerabilities, challenges and priorities.

“We leverage Gartner’s global insights to strengthen our offerings to the channel and customers within the region. Gartner’s expanding reservoir of analytics is fundamental in helping local organisations build a cohesive and effective security environment, which also aligns perfectly with our mission to help our customers secure and manage their information-driven world,” said Advani.

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