Stormshield highlights its cybersecurity solutions for industrial environments

The Cold war is taking new forms today by utilizing technological vulnerabilities to get to industrial networks, actions that could disrupt the continuity of critical network infrastructures (CNIs).

This, in turn, could create damage at a large scale.

Such CNIs could be used by utility companies (water, electricity), Oil and Gas, mass transportation and other sectors

Stormshield is at GITEX to highlight its cybersecurity expertise in protecting operational technology networks (OT networks) and Information Technology Networks (IT networks).

Like other digital security vendors, Stormshield has products for IT Security, Endpoint Security and Data Security, but it is its industrial cybersecurity solutions that the company is showcasing at GITEX, helping it to stand out from the crowd.

“For example, if you are an organisation with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, these industrial systems are becoming vulnerable and need to be considered in the organizational cybersecurity strategy,” said Hakam Kayed, Stormshield’s sales director for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

“Recently there were major attacks on industrial networks worldwide. Cyber-attacks on CNIs could emanate from foreign governments or other organizations looking to destabilize nations. Stormshield’s industrial security solutions aim to combat such risks.”

Illustrating the potential scale of the problem, Ukraine has suffered cyber attacks that have resulted in electricity blackouts, with Russian hackers blamed for the incidents.

Stormshield has secured important contracts with some major CNIs in the region and is now a preferred OT security provider to major industrial vendors.

Kayed added that Stormshield’s key markets in the region are the GCC, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey.

“We’ve heard recently in the news about back doors and products that are not being secured. Stormshield is certified by the ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Security) and our products are reviewed by third parties.”


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