vivo enhances listening experiences with TWS Neo earphones

Over the past few years, the global earphones and headphones market has witnessed incredible momentum. Rising consumer demand for enhanced audio experiences, the vibrant growth experienced by the music industry, and advances in mobile and technology have contributed significantly to this uptake.

The introduction of true wireless earphones has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people can now enjoy their music. These devices offer users a tangle-free listening experience and are compact, portable and popular among the younger generation.

Market research findings confirmed what vivo had already discovered – that users prioritize ‘audio quality’ when selecting earphones. In designing the TWS Neo, the company sought to meet the needs of its consumers through enriching their audiovisual experiences with superior technology.

Sensational sound

vivo’s TWS Neo has a large 14.2 mm driver unit that is a critical indicator of the earphone’s ‘lung capacity’. Together with the bio-fiber composite diaphragm and the pure copper voice coil, the smartphone is capable of impressive audio quality regardless of the genre of music – from mellow vocals and high frequencies to vibrant low frequencies and everything in-between. Through superior audio coding technology, one and a half times more sound data is preserved, when compared to traditional wireless earphones – leading to greater clarity of sound. Consumers can hear even the  tiniest details, enhancing the audio performance of standard content as well as rich, high-quality music.

Years of dedicated research undertaken by vivo’s leading acoustics team resulted in DeepX – a sound system specifically designed for true wireless earphones. Supporting most audio apps, DeepX offers three sound effects – Mega Bass, Clear Voice and Clear High Pitch. These effects allow users to listen to their preferred type of music, without compromising on definition.

A true wireless experience

In the heat of a game, even a split second can turn the tide. vivo sets a new benchmark for wireless earphones with Dual Channel Transmission 2.0, system-level channel optimization, and a low latency of 88ms. With this advanced technology, firing weapons or making killer moves during online gaming results in almost no delay between action and audio – enabling gamers to enjoy a fun, fully-synched audio, visual and action experience.

Based on external surroundings, the AI Dynamic Low Latency feature automatically adjusts to provide optimum latency. Even in complex and noisy environments like the airport or subway, users can continue to benefit from stable transmissions and connections automatically. Thanks to the TWS Neo’s intelligent noise cancellation algorithm and two microphones, they can enjoy crystal clear calls no matter where they are.  The new Z-shaped aerodynamic duct also effectively alleviates wind noise, even amid activities such as running or cycling.

Bluetooth 5.2 follows a user’s every step and allows them to stay mobile, and listen to music uninterrupted, even when they stop for a cup of coffee or exercise outdoors with their smartphones. The TWS Neo earphones are also IP54 waterproof – a level of protection sufficient for most sports and daily commutes.

Once fully charged, TWS Neo can play for up to 4.5 hours – the duration of two feature films. When paired with a charging case, it can keep going for 22.5 hours to satisfy the most avid listeners.

User-centric design

The TWS Neo has been designed based on feedback from thousands of users and is optimized for the best possible fit. Sitting halfway in the ear, these earphones can be worn comfortably all day long. The earbud and stem join in an elegant G3 curve, which conforms so naturally to the ear that users can hardly feel it. Utilizing a thicker adhesive placement to enhance the airtightness and reliability of the earphones, each earphone weighs 4.7g only.

Carrying on vivo’s signature aesthetic, the charging case is made of high-quality plastic and features a glossy finish. The TWS Neo is available in two color variants – Moonlight White and Starry Blue – both are works of art. Their slim compact size also means they rest easily in the hand or pocket.

TWS Neo has an operating system fully compatible with vivo smartphones in addition to multiple platforms including Android, iOS and devices that integrate other operating systems.


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