Is your meeting room keeping up with the trend?

Newer, smarter, and enhanced technology have facilitated workplace communications, improved user experiences, and made it easier for employees to interact with one another wirelessly and seamlessly, especially in the meeting room space.

This increased collaboration is driven by innovative interactive tools, wireless connectivity, and a demand for improved user engagement with HD displays.

As millennials enter the workforce, more employees are bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work. Since they are always connected, businesses that embrace a BYOD culture will boost productivity by enabling staff to work on their own devices in a convenient way.

BYOD Isn’t Just a Policy: Is Your Company BYOD-Friendly?

Many businesses are realizing the productivity benefits of smarter technologies. According to the survey by global real estate organization CBRE, 85 percent of employees in the Asia Pacific region expect an increase in mobility in their future workplace. The success of an organisation will depend on its ability to implement the right technology and manage its talent effectively.

Another research from the Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at MIT Sloan School of Management shows, organizations with the best employee experience achieve business benefits such as double client satisfaction and twice the innovation, and have 25 percent higher profitability compared to their competitors.

BenQ Speeds Up Communications in the Workplace

Today, new technologies have facilitated the business communications and increased the efficiency in corporate meeting rooms. Smart Meeting Rooms, which intelligently integrate hardware and software technologies, is redefining the office environment.

When sharing content or screen in the meeting rooms, participants want the experience as easy and seamless as possible.

Being an expert in display solutions, BenQ has introduced IT and AV technologies for users to swiftly connect with an instant, intuitive wireless presentation system, without the hassles of having to set up software or driver. Since employees can instantly connect and share the presentations at just one click, there is greater spontaneity and improved collaboration across the teams.

BenQ InstaShow™ Wireless Presentation Device

meeting room

BenQ InstaShow™ WDC10 is a unique, no software wireless presentation device that allows multiple presenters to share presentations, documents and images from their laptops.

The plug-and-play solution does not require any driver installation and is compatible with any Windows or Mac OS device, making it easy to use.

Through the InstaShow™, users can start a full HD presentation at just one button. Up to 16 participants can connect their laptops and take turns to present seamlessly. Furthermore, the wireless presentation device is secured with AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2, free from data security concern.

InstaShow™ WDC10 wireless presentation device can be connected to multiple digital displays, such as BenQ’s cloud whiteboard Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) and its BlueCoreTM Laser Projectors; very easy to install in the boardrooms. BenQ IFPs offer best-in-class collaborative tools such as EZWrite 5.0, Smart Eye-Care, Air Quality Sensor and Account Management System (AMS), and is convenient to connect with the InstaShow™ for seamless wireless presentation. BenQ BlueCoreTM Laser Projectors is guaranteed for 20,000 hours of superior image quality and performance. The laser light source resists color decay over time, making BenQ laser projectors ideal for corporate presentations that require powerful color performance and reliable projection quality.

Growing Customer Adoption

Globally, many corporations already use BenQ InstaShow™ wireless presentation solution to achieve immediate business benefits.

For example, automobile manufacturer Toyota France used InstaShow™ solution to enhance collaboration across the teams for effective meetings. The organization aims to create a more intimate and greater engagement among employees to empower staff planning and productivity.

Another example can be found in Taiwan bio-tech company TCI. The company constantly holds meetings with external guests who use their own devices, creating issues in compatibility and stability during presentations. Before adopting InstaShow™, it frequently struggled with equipment glitch and the inconvenience of cable connection. Looking for a more effective solution, TCI equipped InstaShow™ in all its meeting rooms and started to embrace uncluttered meeting experience. The company also plans to deploy the wireless solution in all its China offices this year.

Smarter technology and wireless connectivity are boosting corporate meeting efficiency, redefining how employees interact, and transforming the workplace into the smarter future. Using BenQ technologies, employees can work smarter, better, and quicker than ever before. Corporate meeting rooms are now more productive, efficient and collaborative compared to traditional workplaces, providing better experiences and creating values for businesses worldwide.

Watch the Video on how easy it is to wirelessly present with BenQ Instashow WDC10.


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