How partners can play a role in selling AI

Value-added distributor Enterprise Systems’ Training Academy is fully equipped to assist partners in delivering Artificial Intelligence solutions effectively.

Enterprise Systems CEO Pouya Parsafar and COO Kiarash Azali
Enterprise Systems CEO Pouya Parsafar and COO Kiarash Azali

The term Artificial Intelligence was created in the year 1956, however its only in the recent past few years that AI has become more popular thanks to huge technology breaks and improvements in terms of computational power and storages.

Initial work done in AI was to create Neural Networks, to build a computerized system that could not only solve problems, but to make decisions like the way the human brain does. With the advancement of Cloud Computing, Big Data and IOT, AI has become a reality to support and benefit every industry.

AI is part of every industry and is a necessity as life, work and personal, is becoming faster and more complex, the need to gather data, and use the data to make correct and fast decisions without human error is needed to progress and succeed in today’s busy life style.

AI will help progress the advancement in many industries such as Banking & Finance, Heavy Industries, Gaming, Medical and Transportation by removing the human error factor and increase the speed of analyzing big data and making informed decisions to progress the advancement of the task in hand.

Enterprise Systems is the Value-Added Distributor of solutions that include AI and supports its vendors by offering a variety of services such as the Training Academy, full Laboratory and demonstration center, demonstration hardware for proof of concept, pre & post sales engineers, sales team as well as logistics and stock of hardware to support our channel partners.

Manufacturers such as Huawei are investing in AI with applications which are widely used in almost all industries. Auto-pilot, unmanned supermarkets, intelligent voice assistants and more. AI has become a “nuclear power plant” that drives digital industry transformation and AI development will depend on data, algorithms, and computing power.

Training is imperative for the channel partners who will be selling vendor solutions to clients or verticals. Enterprise Systems has an in-house training program to conduct such training for the sales, pre-sales and post-sales of its channel partners to ensure firstly they understand the vendors value proposition and how AI is part of this solution and how it effects the end user financially or technically.

Enterprise Systems Training Academy has official training instructors and is an official training partner of many of its brands and can help support the knowledge transfer needed to its channel partners to successfully position the AI aspect of the vendors solution and the benefits to their end users in a safe and supportive environment, with hands on training.

Enterprise Systems will also work with its channel partners to support them with pre-sales engineers to position AI solutions from the vendors as well as post sales engineers to support the implementation with its partners. This is the Value-Added Distribution Enterprise Systems can offer its partners and vendors in support of creating opportunities and managing these opportunities with the channel partner team and support the journey to closure of the projects in a positive and fun way.

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