How the Edge is Set to Reshape the World of Healthcare

From 5G-enabled remote operations to patient apps, digital innovations are being deployed in the healthcare sector to try and mitigate these challenges. However, there is one missing piece of the technology puzzle required to bring these key developments together and ensure the sector can keep scaling up – and that can be found at the Edge.

Culture-as-a-Service drives change forward

Companies can only develop and drive innovation with the right communication. However, this requires a cultural change – the traditional command-and-control style of leadership is outdated. But companies do not have to reinvent the wheel: Culture-as-a-Service is the answer.

Creating a Culture of Security

Creating a culture of security is the future, but what does it look like in practice and how can organisations ensure they are following effective guiding principles to keep them on track? What can you do today to promote a positive security culture?

Op-ed: Why Most AI Projects Fail

Anas A. Abdul-Haiy, Director and Deputy CEO of Proven Consult, highlights factors that contribute towards successful implementation of AI tools and can also lead to failure of projects if they are misaligned with business priorities.


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