Arab National Bank engineer highlights the role Confluent has played in its digital transformation journey

CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Badr Alduaiji, Head of Integration and Architecture at Arab National Bank, to find out more about how Confluent’s technology has equipped the Saudi banking provider with the tools they need to meet the ever-evolving user experience expectations of its customers and become the market incumbent in the KSA.

ALEC confident its new partnership with Submer can keep UAE data centres ‘cool’

CNME Editor Mark Forker managed to secure an exclusive interview with ALEC Data Centre Solutions General Manager Bjorn Viedge, to find out why the construction giant has now decided to create a new subsidiary focused on the burgeoning data centre space – and how its new partnership with innovative startup Submer can take the heat off data centre providers struggling to manage cooling costs in the UAE.

“Retail outlets can become a theatre of dreams” – Zebra Technologies

CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Hozefa Saylawala – Middle East Director at Zebra Technologies, to find out how his company is leveraging its portfolio of technologies to empower enterprises in the ‘on-demand’ economy – and to learn how retailers are embracing a new concept called ‘theatre of retail’ in a bid to replicate seamless online shopping experiences in physical retail outlets.

Intel executive believes launch of new process nodes will be a ‘gamechanger’

CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Taha Khalifa, Client Computing Group Sales Director, EMEA Territory at Intel Corporation, to learn more about the new direction the company is headed under the leadership of incumbent CEO Pat Gelsinger – and how the decision by the tech behemoth to launch five process nodes over the next few years is going to be a ‘gamechanger’ when it comes to performance.


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