HPE Digital Garage: Empowering digital innovation

In July, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has started the operations of its Digital Life Garage in the UAE. The facility is located in the Innovation Hub of Dubai is the first in a series of its worldwide innovation centres focused on transforming technology’s impact on society.

In an exclusive interview with, Rebecca Wright (RW), Director, Digital Life Garage Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Middle East and Sajith Raj (SR), Group Director for Distribution – HP/HPE, Logicom, discuss the how the multi-billion-dollar centre seeks to empower digital innovation in the country. 

HPE Digital Garage
Rebecca Wright, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

HPE believes that technology is a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity and this has been evidenced by its decision to establish its HPE Digital Life Garage in the Innovation Hub of Dubai. Can you elaborate on what the HPE Digital Life Garage entails and what are the four pillars that it is founded on?

(RW): The HPE Digital Life Garage is a Business Accelerator based on co-innovation. We work closely with an ecosystem of partners to understand our customers’ business aspirations and accelerate that idea into a proof-of-value.

The HPE Digital Life Garage is based on four key pillars – the Innovation Showcase where we collaborate and plan digital transformation, the Digital Lab where we engage in interactive workshops to create innovative concepts, the Knowledge Centre where industry leaders share their expertise in seminars and peer-to-peer forums and all supported by the HPE Global Network.

The HPE Digital Life Garage has garnered a lot of media attention since its announcement and subsequent launch in July 2020. How can the facility help the UAE government achieve its ambition of leveraging technology to improve the lives of all its residents and citizens in the country?

(RW): The UAE vision is to be an innovation hub for the region and our goal at Hewlett Packard Enterprise is to create an ecosystem that accelerates innovation and transforms how technology impacts society. With the opening of the HPE Digital Life Garage here in Dubai, we’re aligned to the UAE vision to deliver on our commitment.

We will be focusing on digital transformations that advance the way people live and work here in the UAE, working with our partners to bring aspirations to reality.

Sajith Raj, Logicom
Sajith Raj, Logicom

Strategic partnerships appear to be a key cornerstone in the ecosystem of the HPE Digital Life Garage. What role does Logicom play in fostering innovation and collaboration in the global technology community?

(SR): Logicom provides the platform to connect leading technology solutions to the regional IT channel. We leverage 20 years of experience and relationships, coupled with the capability of our teams to help conceive, design and build technology solutions for the SMB and Enterprise markets in the UAE and the regional markets that we serve.

In its role as the exclusive distribution sponsor of the Digital Life Garage, Logicom is the link to the Digital Life Garage partner ecosystem and plays a key role in enabling strategic discussions and innovative solutions. How can the HPE Digital Life Garage accelerate the start-up ecosystem in the UAE?

 (SR): The Digital Life garage is a platform for start-ups to collaborate and test their applications on the advanced infrastructure provided by HPE and supported by the ecosystem partners. By providing local start-ups with access to high-profile vendors and facilities such as collaborative work space and resources, they can test the resiliency of their solutions and invite potential customers to experience their full value.

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